Focus On Your Business

Good Lord.

If you’ve been listening to the “hype” lately… there are prominent bloggers and other tech journalists suggesting you give up your website and make Google Plus your website.

Fuck that.

Instead follow the advice given in this thread.

Never, and I mean never, blindly follow the advice of a bunch of techies and geeks to market your business.  Research what they are doing if you want to, but don’t fall for the hype and hail mary approach of shifting your entire business to another platform… or your business could fail as a result.

EDIT 01/18/2012:  A great resource from Copyblogger, and a viewpoint I happen to agree with is here.  You should use Google+ for sharing your valuable content and discussions as pointed out there, but not as a replacement for your website.

Always keep your own website, where you can play by your own rules (so long as your webhost and the Internet itself exist any how).  Aggregate content onto other sites (tools, that’s all they are, tools… not website replacements).

And, a big takeaway here is direct marketing offline doesn’t use Google or any of those tools, always remember that. ;)  Nothing is dead, and everything you use is just a tool (even your website)… always remember that.

Yes, the Internet has certainly added a bunch of tools to your marketing toolbox, and changed the way people interact and connect… but your business is yours…not the tech journalists and geeks.

So focus on marketing your business…not the tools themselves.  Use the tools you want to (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, mobile, direct mail, TV advertising, magazines, newspapers etc…)… not the tools someone picks for you.

Nothing is dead or dying (in terms of media form), media forms only evolve, there’s nothing to see here people… move along. :)