“Everyone Will Be Your Customer Some Day, So Why Do You Stop Marketing To Them?”

We live in a society where it is “instant gratification” or “no gratification at all” don’t we?

And that applies to business owners too.

Why is it when a potential customer enters a retail store, and does not buy, a sales representative is not right there gaining permission for the company to contact that customer via mail, email, phone, etc…?

Are we afraid of that big, bad, stranger? Afraid they might say no?

Who cares if they do say no? At least this retail business could have tried to gain the information necessary to personally market to that customer over and over again. Very valuable information to have huh? And since this sales rep did not even ask, a huge loss of future profits will occur for this business. But the sales rep is probably not at fault either, as a business owner you have to create that culture of gathering leads in the first place.

Are you tired of losing money? Capture leads and market.

Even big companies fail miserably here…they would rather take the “lazy” way out and buy big huge lists of names and addresses, and relying on the sole methodology of sticking advertising in the public’s face, to lure a customer back into the store. What ever happened to personalized marketing?

Now let’s get back to the lesson behind my madness here…

Every single person you or your business comes into contact with (during the regular course of business) will eventually need your services. Heck, they responded to your interruption marketing in the first place, didn’t they? That means they have shown initial interest in what you have to offer.

But what if you don’t “sell” something to that client in the first contact? Do you give up?

Most businesses do.

Critical error. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, the primary reason most businesses fail within 5 years of inception is a complete lack of a concise marketing system. This marketing system can be generalized into two words…

Follow up.

That is your big secret today. Gain contact information, and follow up with an organized marketing process designed to do two things:

1) Give something to the potential client. That’s right, give something of high perceived value to that potential client to reward them for just making contact with you. A free book, gift, something that client could use in their lives, etc…

2) Get the potential client back in contact with your business. The “gift” is simply not enough. You must follow it up with a variety of approaches to re – marketing your client. It seems most businesses get very lazy here, how unfortunate. Telemarketing, direct mail, email, perhaps a direct response sales letter, etc… The techniques used will vary (only a little) depending on the business.

That’s it. So your challenge today is…

Quit depending on “one shot” marketing to generate income for your business. Sit down, and envision the entire process for your contact with a potential client. Then, create a process for marketing to every contact you make in business, and follow it religiously.

Joseph Ratliff
Professional Marketing Coach
And Author of The Profitable Business Edge

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