The Eternal Battles We Fight

We need to throw out “What side are you on?” and labels like “anti-this” and “pro-that.”

Those bifurcations are exactly what propagandists (like Governments) use to keep people away from the human part of whatever you’re examining. We are human beings with short lives that occupy dirt on a planet which is a speck of dust on the cosmic scale.

The “battles” being fought are generally a giant spectacle so that the battles can continue to be fought without interruption. The people who instigate these battles are sick in the head (on both “sides” of any battle).

In the end, our imagined self-importance (as Carl Sagan once put it) doesn’t prove anything. I just want to be human, and connect with a few people who will genuinely connect with me.

We have ~ 75 trips or so around the Sun … I’m just trying to make the most of them.  You should too.

So, in terms of any two-party system, the “parties” and the “two sides” are both illusions that only have real consequences on our lives because they are being used maliciously for that purpose.

Live your life, get out of the “battle” and the violent, bile-filled cesspool that is our media … and pay more attention to the good stuff.  The rest is mostly out of your control (for some of the same reasons I’ve outlined here).