I just received an email in my Gmail marketing inbox, from a marketer who I purchased something from via Paypal.

This is absolutely priceless…

This marketer used the subject line from the email Paypal sent him to let him know a payment was received…and sent his email to me with that subject line…to make it look like I received a payment, just so I would open his email.  Un…friggin…believable.

Do we really have to resort to trickery to get the open these days?

And that’s not all…

Not only did this marketer use trickery to get the open…he also didn’t include any convenient way to tell him “I don’t want emails” at the bottom…you had to actually reply to this email and tell him you don’t want messages.

I’m not a legal professional (nor even close), so I don’t know if that violates CAN SPAM requirements (even IF I bought something from him before)…but this type of inconvenience boils down to one simple fact…

Now, I won’t pay attention to his emails any longer.

Way to build trust and a relationship with your list eh?

I wonder how many people will hit the “SPAM” button in their email accounts from this?  That would be an interesting stat to track.