Does the Telephone Help You Market Your Business?

Nope. Not what you are thinking…

I am not talking about making telephone calls, or telemarketing. What I am talking about is …

The Incoming Telephone Calls to Your Business!
Have you ever tracked the number of telephone calls that came into your business in a day/week/month? Then…have you measured how much customer information was gathered or sales made on those calls?

Let me paint a picture for you…first we will examine the typical scenario in most businesses currently…or business A as we’ll call it:

The owner in business A is typically frustrated with the results of her advertising, complaining about the tens of thousands of dollars in radio, mail, or tv ads running with no noticeable ROI.

Then the telephone rings…

“Dangit, I was right in the middle of something!” an employee rings out in frustration.

Grudgingly, the employee picks up the phone, helps the customer really quick, and hangs up the phone. I am so sick to my stomach right now, I cannot tell you what was actually said on the phone between the employee and the customer.

Just about every cardinal sin was broken on this phone call!

The sad thing is…most businesses carry on this way as a regular course of business. And…in the next marketing effort this business will spend thousands more to acquire more phone customers to subject to this torture. Sad.

Ok, on to the positive stuff…

Business B has a program and policies in place for how to handle the incoming telephone call. Even taking this one step further, every day there is an incentive pool of $1.00 per call where customer information is gathered or a sale is made. At the end of the day, the pool is split amongst all employees who took a phone call.

You can guess how these calls are handled.

Customer phone calls are just as important as your face to face customer…or for you internet marketers…just as important as your email list (why don’t we gather telephone numbers for marketing our online products?).

We seem to work so hard to gain contact with new and current customers…yet we discourage even one method for that customer to contact us?

Your challenge for the day…

Take about 15 minutes RIGHT NOW…and round up your employees. Find out how the phone skills can be improved, and put a policy in place to improve them!

Your sales and marketing budget will thank you.

Thank you for reading.

Joseph Ratliff