Does Life Seem To Move “Too Fast” Sometimes?

Life moves too fast sometimes.

You can text while you’re driving, because you “gotta” get that message RIGHT NOW before you get to the same person’s house who’s texting you in 11 minutes.

11 minutes…you’re gonna see that person in 11 minutes…why do you need that text message?

Nothing could be THAT important, could it?

Life moves too fast.

Shopping in the mall I watched as teenagers called each other on the cell phone from 100 FEET away from each other.

They couldn’t get close enough to have a personal conversation, oh no, it was obviously important enough that they stay right where they were and talk on a cell phone.

Wasn’t it?

Life moves too fast sometimes.

Since we only have one life, one time on this earth, don’t you ever want to slow down and enjoy it?  No cell phones, no text messages, no laptops…just talking to and enjoying being around the people in your life that you love.  Or, enjoying nature and the things that life provides when you slow down enough to really see it.

Or, has “artificial life” taken over your life?

Think about that today.