Do you have a website? Does it have effective copy?

The internet is an exciting place, isn’t it?

Most business owners have gone through the “paces” of developing a website. Either you paid someone to do it for you, or you did it yourself. As most business owners are self – motivated people, they try to do everything themselves without consideration of the possible time and energy savings of hiring a professional. This includes typing website sales copy for each page in their site.

I am writing this month’s tip to inform you that hiring a professional web copywriting service to generate sales copy that sizzles for the customer is crucial to your online success! An important concept to remember is the online shopper looking for products or services is typically looking for valuable content rather than a quick introduction as to why to invest in your products or services. Many a business owner loses sight of this important fact, and therefore loses potential clients visiting the respective website. You can find out more on this subject by visiting Contacting Us Today and requesting our Marketing Opportunity Analysis. This package does require a small investment, but the information and coaching you will receive is valued at more than $1000!

Some quick ideas for delivering content in your own website:

1) Publish an E-Zine – This is an easy way to provide information for the internet consumer. An E-Zine also adds value to your business by allowing you to develop a list of subscribers that you can market to.

2) Avoid sounding “salesy” in your introductory page – This is an immediate turn off for most consumers. Closely adhere to the W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me) principle throughout your site, and focus on how the content in your site “informs” rather than sells.

3) Provide complete contact information – An often overlooked part of a successful website. Ensure you make contacting your business as easy as possible for the consumer.

4) Keep the “fancy graphics” to a minimum – Make your web pages easy for any internet browser to load, or you may lose clients right off the bat.

That’s it for this month…but stay tuned for upcoming timely information on the proper marketing and profitability of your business!

Joe Ratliff