“Do Internet Forums Help Market Your Business?”

When you are just starting to sell, either your own products or
as an affiliate for someone else’s products, then you don’t
usually have a lot of money to spend on advertising. That is
what makes forum advertising an ideal for beginners, because
there is no money needed to get started.

Forum marketing is very effective and underused form of online
advertising. It is very easy to do and you can start immediately
no matter what level of experience you have. If you are a
beginner then this can be a real advantage as you don’t need
to know a particular process or posses a particular skill to use
this technique. Just keep in mind you will only get out of it
what you put into it. There is a lot of potential to make good
money and the best part is that it’s free.

Forum advertising is not the same as other advertising. It needs
to be approached a little differently. The main thing you should
know is that you are not going to be really trying to sell
something. I know that sounds crazy, but it will make sense as
you read further. What you will be trying to do is become valued
member of the forum and as a result of this you will sell
something. It’s a backdoor method of selling and it works very
well. As a matter of fact it works better than most
traditional methods of advertising.

The only thing that you need if you are going to do forum
advertising effectively is a good knowledge of the subject that
your product represents. If you don’t have already have this
knowledge then make sure that you do your research. There is no
point in trying to market something for dogs on a forum
where all the members have cat’s.

Keep in mind that all of the other people on the forum are
there because it is their interest, so you need to be well
informed. That way when there is a discussion on the forum, you
can easily join in and add real value to it. This way you will
sell more, help others and will get a good reputation on the

Getting started:

The way that you begin advertising in a forum is to find one
that matches the product or service that you are trying to
promote that allows you to include a signature file.

What is a signature file?

A signature file, sometimes referred to as a sig file, is a short
sentence or message about the product you are selling that
includes a link. If this is your product then you just use your
own link. If this is someone else product then be sure to use
the affiliate link that they provide you with.

Once you have chosen your product and found a forum that relates
to it you will be ready to start advertising. The first
thing you should do after you find a forum is join. The next
thing you do is fill out your profile. This is very important.
In the profile section you will usually find a place where you
can type in your signature file among other important additions
that you can edit. You can add your website URL, email and more.
You will also want to make sure to look for an option that allows
you to include your signature file in your posts. Make sure you
check this, that way your sig file will automatically be added to
every post you make.

TIP: When choosing a forum make sure to look for one that is
busy, has a fair amount of users and that the posts are resent.
There is no use in posting to a forum if no one will ever read
you post.

The conversations in forums are most often referred to as threads
or posts that you can read, start or reply to. Every time you
start or reply to a thread your signature file with the link to your
product is posted with it. Even if you only post once a day for
a month you will end up with thirty links to your product. Are
you beginning to see how this works? Just imagine what would
happen if you posted more than once a day.

Now it’s time to start posting. Go to the forum and begin
reading through the threads, when you find one that is
interesting to you or that you know something about type
your reply in the form at the bottom of the message and click
post. That’s it you’ve made your first post.

The best way to get most out of your forum advertising is to
become a valuable member of the forum. Give help to others,
ask questions and present yourself as someone who has a great
deal of knowledge and is also reliable.

Here are some extra tips for advertising to forums.

Look through the different sections of the forum for other
opportunities to promote your product, such as a place to
post articles, special offers or list your product.

Join more than one forum, but make sure you don’t spread
yourself to thin. It is better to be a valuable member of
one or two good forums than an invaluable one on twenty.

When you first start posting it is a good idea to reply
to other posts rather than start your own.

Be friendly and courteous, remember you want the other members
to buy your products.

Instead of posting your affiliate link in your sig file try
cloaking it using your own domain name or a cloaking service
like http://www.tinyurl.com

Capture those emails. You will get more results if you can
communicate with the other members of the forum more often.
Try offering a free sample, product or report in your
sig file so that you can get them in your sales funnel.

Don’t forget the backend. Make sure you have a backend or upsale
offer in place. When you make a sale to a member, it is an
opportunity to sell them other things too.

I hope you have learned how powerful advertising on forums can
be. It is easy, effective and it can be a lot of fun especially
if you enjoy making friends and interacting with others. The
best part of it is that you will start seeing sales come without
ever trying to sell anything.

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