On Digital Liberty

We need to slow down as a society, that much is in the manifesto located right on this website.

One of the reasons we need to slow down, think critically, and slow technology down to get our heads out of our gadgets is because as I write this our liberties… that is the freedoms we hold dear in this country… are being eroded away.

It’s all explained in a piece I wrote which got published in The Daily Reckoning titled “The New Face Of Liberty In The Digital Age.”

Another version of the same piece also got published in Laissez-Faire Today with the original title “On Digital Liberty.”  I would recommend you read this version if you would like the links I included to other related stories on the web.

Either way, it’s time to slow down, and reclaim our Liberties.

disclaimer:  Agora Financial, the company that publishes both of the newsletters linked to above, is a client