Did You Notice The Birds?

Your mobile phone is ringing.

Another text is coming in… you have email in your inbox, there is an “important” meeting you need to attend.

You’ve got to upgrade your laptop, your mobile phone, your sunglasses… you need more stuff… need to go to that party (to be on your phone again).

Life keeps moving faster, faster, faster… you’re sooooo busy.


You’ve made all of your “busy-ness” up.  It’s a status symbol.

Deep down, you think you “need” to be busy, or society won’t accept you.


While all this was happening… the coolest bird just flew by.  Your son, your daughter, they’ve been asking for your attention.

Your wife, she wants to make passionate love to you.

Your husband, he wants to tell you something… but you keep getting that damn phone.

Did you notice the birds?