Clients Don’t Know You Even As Well As You Think They Don’t Know You

Confusing title eh?

We have preconceived ideas about how our marketing, our messages, and our personalities impact the people we come in contact with.

It’s all wrong.

For example, a potential client may not know who I am, and I know that.  The problem is, I don’t know that enough at times.

In other words, I sometimes need to take what I think I know about how well they don’t know me, and take down another notch.  They REALLY don’t know me at all.

What does this mean for you and your marketing?

It means no assumptions can be made on your part as to what your potential client knows at all.

Example: If you’re marketing an ebook about affiliate marketing to a target market of “intermediate” affiliate marketers (i.e. been in business successfully X number of years, X amount of income etc…), then you need to write content a notch or two below what you think an intermediate affiliate knows.

Your perception of any or all people in your market is distorted by one filter…your experiences. Even if you have all the data in the world, you’re still missing sales because your marketing doesn’t resonate with some of the people it could (and should).

Think about that today…