The Clickbait Culture

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads,” he says. “That sucks.” ~ Jeff Hammerbacher — Source

Do we need brands like Red Bull, which have very shallow product lines, to become media companies and produce content?

Do we need to keep encouraging the culture we have for creating “clickbait headlines” and shallow, meaningless “tabloid style” journalism and content?

Finally, what are we going to do about all of this “internet pollution” we are creating from posting crap?

These are questions that will guide our media culture going forward.

And to subvert this “whore house” of content … we need to wake up.  We need to quit being satisfied with a “click this, click that,” “15 seconds then on to something else” type of society.

Read more, do more meaningful stuff, and connect with people.

Solve bigger world problems than creating an app that says “Yo.” (seriously?)

Find a cure for cancer, figure out the big solutions to our climate problem, help to bring peace and humanity back into our lives etc…

1.  Focus on the stars … and hopefully we will all reach the Moon.


2.  Read the next gossip about Kardashian … the next clever bit of PR from Red Bull Media … listen to stupid songs about “random red couches” etc…

One gets society somewhere, the other gives you temporary excitement (I suppose).