Microsoft Incident And A Lesson About Customer Service?

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on a new computer on February 17th. While installing, I got an error code (surprise)…and didn’t seem to be able to get it fixed on my own (at the time)…so I went to . Once I logged onto the site, I saw a nice little graphic that said “Chat […]

Are You Lying To Your Potential Customers?

If you’re doing this, stop it now… It’s no secret that I subscribe to many internet marketing “make money online” newsletters to observe marketing processes (and selling processes). But something really got under my skin this morning when receiving yet another email with another “product launch” (when do marketers quit chasing money and stop launching […]

No I’m Not Going To Tell You!

Hello there Mr./Mrs. List Owner. I just wanted to let you know that I, like 90% of all people, will NOT tell you that I’m not paying attention to your emails. I also won’t tell you if I’m not satisfied with your product or service… So, Mr. / Mrs. List Owner…what are YOU doing to […]