A New Problem Developing For Internet Marketers…

There’s no doubt…

We live in an age where there’s more information available on any one subject that it’s mind-numbing.

Also…with the development of marketing businesses on the internet, a new “foe” has entered the ring…market fatigue.

What is market fatigue?

It’s the saturation of book and product launches within any niche.  It’s not happening in all niches, but some niches are suffering market fatigue right now.

For example, in the “make money online” niche, there have been quite a few product launches, and when you combine the number of launches, then multiply that by JV (joint venture) partners promoting those products to their lists…you end up with inboxes stuffed with opportunity after opportunity.

People are getting tired of it…and that my friends, is market fatigue.

Does that mean the end of product launches?  No.

Does that mean you can’t successfully launch a new product in a niche such as “make money online”?  Hell no.

You just have to be real.

What do I mean?

Well, a variety of things:

  • You have to be authentic. No more direct re-hash of the latest product launch.  No more direct swiping of copywriting pieces when you don’t have the slightest idea exactly how to fit it into your sales letter.
  • You have to be yourself. Write from the heart, yes, actually work to build a product yourself (write a book yourself etc…) with your opinions and your true feelings.
  • Your product and business have to be based on some concept of helping people reach a real solution.  No theories, garbage, or untested opinions will work any more.  Don’t create a business to “make money”, instead create a business that serves markets.

There’s obviously a lot more to this, but this should serve as a primer.

More to come on this topic.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Is your business real or will it just add to market fatigue?

Joseph Ratliff - Is your business real or will it just add to market fatigue?

Google Adwords New Rules Mean Quit Taking Shortcuts

There are affiliates that build sites with the intended purpose of brokering traffic…there is no intention on these sites to add value for the visitor.

These same affiliates are always looking for the “minimum required” work they need to do to get around Google’s Adwords requirements for quality score…get a decent enough quality score to save money on clicks…then promote for commissions.

Google now has a new policy that will change the game a little for the lazy affiliates.

(you can find out more on a webmaster discussion here)

Folks, you’re actually going to have to work when you’re putting together a site for an affiliate promo.  (Simply amazing huh?  A business built on work…hmmm…)

So, no more single landing pages with some recycled crap article on it and a link to your affiliate promo people.

Get to work!

Lesson for the day: Quit trying to shortcut building a business.  Even if Google didn’t exist, what on earth would make anyone think that a one-page article site with an affiliate link would help anyone?

Shortcuts usually equal whatever penalties are available.  Maybe not today, but someday, your site will get penalized in some form, this form just happens to hit PPC affiliates who are shorting Google’s visitors square in the gut.

It’s the equivalent of going to a new car dealer’s lot and having the sales person expect to sell you a car just by reading part of the brochure.  You wouldn’t do that would you?

Then don’t expect to post a minimal amount of content on a site and be a weak traffic broker and expect to earn a living forever.

Unless that’s your goal, temporary money…if that’s the case more power to you I guess.  Just don’t whine when someone like Big-G yanks the carpet out from under you.

Let build some real sites people. 🙂

IMPORTANT RESOURCE: The affiliate marketer known only as “.X.” to most has a revealing webinar on this very subject, and what you can do to make sure you stay relevant.

Let’s just say .X. kicks all the hype to the curb, and shows you the nuts and bolts of what to do to keep adding profits to your affiliate business.

It’s called Google Truth, and you can click here to continue to the sign up page…

(I watched this 90 minute webinar personally, and it’s worth the “chicken feed” you have to put up to watch it).

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?

Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?

R.I.P. JosephRatliff.name March 1st 2006 – October 9th 2009

Well, continuing the story from yesterday… at 7am this morning, the JosephRatliff.name blog officially passed away due to complications from bad web hosting.

Currently, I’m redirecting traffic from that blog to this one…in hopes that the readers whom I appreciated there will return.

By the way I appreciate you, my current reader as well, obviously. 🙂

So, with this blog, I will serve memory to that blog…and provide you with advice and strategies that will help you have more success, and make more money.

Please join me in a moment of silence…

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Please, dont do what I did, and back up your stuff today!

Please, don't do what I did, and back up your stuff today!

An Apology Regarding JosephRatliff.name

My other blog at http://josephratliff.name is currently out of commission (over 600 posts, POOF!).

I sincerely apologize if you’re a reader of that blog, and cannot access it.  This will serve as a lesson for me to have a backup of the backup of the backup…as the database file I had could not be restored for that blog.  But we’re working on it.

Also, it serves as a lesson for choosing web hosting companies.

A simple DNS change was necessary, and for some reason, when I performed that according to instructions… it cleared my database files and blew up my blog. 🙁

C’est la’ vie.

Rest assured, if you subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog via email or your favorite reader, I have taken all necessary precautions (and then some) to ensure this does not happen again.

3 Common Questions To Starting An Online Business Answered…

I love it when someone asks this question…

“Can I make $XX,XXX or more per year as an internet marketer?”


If someone answers yes to your “Can I make XXk at this?” question…does it really take that “Yes” answer for you to become committed?

I would say that you should become committed first…because success in any business is on you…not the income potential itself. The income potential in any business is solely dependent on the owner of the business.

Online marketing is no different.

Look…no one will tell you it’s ok to succeed…you have to tell yourself it’s ok to succeed.

The reality is, this business, like 99% of all businesses, has its challenges and its rewards…and tons of income potential with no specific amounts that can be determined for any one person…because it’s a business, and not a “job” with a pay scale.

So the question really is, and this is not personal…as many ask the type of question listed above…

Are you committed to make $XX,XXX (or more) in your own online marketing business this year?

Then, a couple of other classic examples of questions asked by those investigating this opportunity…

“How many hours do I have to work per week to earn a substantial income as a marketer?”


“Is there a point where I can put this business on ‘autopilot’ and work less and less?”

Those questions don’t have a “cookie cutter” answer that fits everyone…and really it comes back to what you want to put in…if you put in 10 hours of work, it won’t necessarily pay you 10 hours worth of dollars and cents.

If putting in 60 hours a week worth of focused effort scares you, starting a business might be scary (any business)…unless you have the personal gifts and experience starting, leveraging, and building a business from the past.

There really isn’t a way to answer these questions with an answer that will be specific enough to do you good. Everybody is different, has different resources available etc…to leverage into a business.

You really just need to take a step back, and commit to yourself first. If you put in 30 hours a week behind a computer screen, what could you accomplish? If the need came about to put 60 hours a week in, could you do it?

Do you have enough passion to do whatever is required to succeed (not just in online marketing, but any business)?

Notice the common thread with all of those questions…you. It really depends on you.

If you’re concerned at the amount of work this business might require to get started, this may not be for you.

Not because it would necessarily “take 60 hours a week behind a computer screen” to be successful, it might, it might not…but being concerned at all with the amount of work required to start and run an online business focuses on 2 very common causes of business failure in just about any business:

1) You might want to be told that this won’t require work…or “too much of it” anyhow…to be successful. That mindset will kill your business right away…and quite frankly, it’s a very common mindset created by all of the “biz opps” out there (you’re not the only one with this mindset).

Bottom line for this point is… it’s not work at all, no matter how many hours it takes, if you have a passion for what you’re doing.

2) “Is there a point where I can put this business on autopilot…” That to me implies that you might be seeking defining points where the amount of effort you put in starts to go down, and the income continues to go up.

While it’s good to think about leverage in this business, and trust me, there are several good leverage opportunities…the effort required to grow any business (not just online marketing) never really decreases, it merely shifts.

And it goes back to point #1, it’s not work if you have a passion for it.

Sure, the image of sitting on a beach somewhere with a laptop, and checking your Paypal account for new commissions does in fact exist at certain points that you can control…but the mindset must be adjusted first.

What this all boils down to is…you have to decide for yourself if you’re willing to commit your passion to this business first…and then figuring out the rest (hours, income, etc…) really doesn’t have as much of an impact (and may not even matter).

And a bonus point for this article… many people think that their income is first focus.

It isn’t.

If you want to be successful, your mindset has to center around the value you give other people first…and your income is a reflection of how well you do just that.

That bonus point is probably the reason why many people don’t succeed in business or in life.

So, what are you going to do today to start giving value to others and start the process of shifting your mindset?

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Who have you delivered enormous value to today?

Who have you delivered enormous value to today?

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