Are You Really Thinking Outside The Box?

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase… “think outside the box”…or a variation of that phrase.

I have something for you to think about today (and yes, there is a BIG lesson here)…

Is there really a “box” to think outside of in the first place?


Do you really need some artificial mental barrier to cross to justify a solid (or bad) idea in the first place?

Folks…there is no “box”.  Never was.  The “box” is just one of those artificial limits we place on ourselves for some twisted reason.

How many more artificial limits can you think of?

Now, go do some real thinking. 🙂

How To Copyright Any Publication At No Cost…

To establish a copyright you must simply print the below notice,
either on the cover or the page immediate following the cover in
your book, report, etc.

There it is:

© 2006, John Doe, or Copyright 2006, John Doe.

Most people do not know that you are in fact NOT required to register
the copyright with the copyright office***, but if you DO wish to
register it, write to them for the necessary application form.

You then submit two copies of the publications along with the
application form for each copyright.

For necessary forms and
additional information, write:

Register of Copyrights, Library
of Congress, Washington DC 2055

*** Please be sure to check with your attorney before using this strategy, it’s not legal advice.  Plus, laws change all the time, and who knows, it may not be applicable any more.

Readers: I’m Looking For A Little Input Here…

I’m writing this blog to help others gain a perspective and insight into the true world of online business and marketing.

But with that in mind…

It’s your blog as much as it is mine.


What would you like me to write about as it pertains to online business, marketing (including copywriting), and success?

I’m going to accept idea submissions one of two ways:

1)  Please leave a comment below with your idea and any important details (preferred).

2)  Please send an email to with your idea.

Let’s grow this community together…and join forces to do real business online. 🙂