Writing Slowly

Who said you had to blog every day?

They’re wrong.

Write slowly.

I am.

The book, “Slow” will be published in 2014, but it might be slower than that.

As for this blog, why not subscribe in a feed reader other than Google Reader (which is going to pasture), and you’ll be able to keep up with the slow updates.  (Feedreader.com, Feedly, RSS Owl etc…)

Road Rage Should Be A Myth

Road rage.  We’ve probably all heard the term.

You’re in traffic, the person in front of or behind you does something stupid in their car, and you “fly off the handle” and do something out of the norm.

You’re expressing your rage towards the other driver.

Sometimes this leads to serious consequences, like a driver pulling out a gun on another driver and shooting them.  Road rage usually gets picked up by the mainstream media each time it happens.

It should be a myth.

Can’t we slow down long enough to realize people in other vehicles will make mistakes, not know where they are going, or go slower than you expect?

Can we slow down enough to realize that we need to breath, and control the urge to express rage towards another driver?

Can we just slow down and enjoy the drive?

You Work 70 – 80 Hours A Week, So What?

I just love it when someone comes up to me and brags about “how they pulled an all-nighter last night”…

Who gives a fuck?

Great, you’re ruining your life, and your health, in the name of a faceless corporation or business that doesn’t really give a shit in the first place (for the most part).

All in the name of some fake “status symbol” you can hold up and get 4 minutes of recognition for.

I mean, think about it… you say this… and really, how much does it mean to other people?

Nothing, except empty platitudes and a pat on the back from your boss who DIDN’T have to pull the all-nighter.

Whoever invented the 40-hour “full-time” work week needed to be shot on sight.

But think about this today…

If you work yourself down to the bone, in the hopes of getting a big promotion or raise at the expense of your health… is it really worth it?

Can you look your family in the eyes and say; “I’m working 80 hours a week and I can ALSO truly be here with you too, because I’m so full of energy AFTER working myself down to the bone, that I can do everything!”

Didn’t think so.