3 Steps To Slow #Twitter

I’m a “slow” Twitter user. You can be too, and the rewards are numerous, but one key reward is taking control of some of your time.  That, and not getting wrapped up in some of the “high school drama” that can manifest itself on this social media tool. With that in mind, I’ve prepared a […]

More Slow Manifestos

In addition to my own Slow Manifesto on this site, there are others within the entire slow “movement”… and I thought you might find them interesting: In Praise of Slowness (opens in a new window) Plus, there are links in the post above that can lead you on your journey to slowness. And, while it’s […]

As Of Today, I’m Slowing The Book Down (But It Will Be Published)

Today,  I just got the first indication that my book, “The Slow Manifesto,” is a serious idea (not an original one, but a serious one). Without any provocation, other than perhaps I know him, fellow copywriter (legendary) John Forde included a piece of my “Manifesto” in his  popular newsletter for copywriters… The Copywriter’s Roundtable (if […]