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People are funny sometimes…

When there is a topic of polarizing discussion…such as “vaccinations”, or “government involvement in our lives”…it’s rare to see someone who objectively looks at both sides of the debate.

There are usually two sides to a debate, and hardly ever have I witnessed someone “swayed” to the other side of an opinion.

Hardly, ever.

Normally, it wouldn’t even hit my “radar”…but this does, because I foresee a time period coming up where one side of various debates is going to have to be strong enough to sway a majority to the other side…one way or the other.

Vaccination:  one side of the “are vaccines good for you?” debate will have to resolve to a major degree.

Government:  one side of the “are we heading towards socialism?” debate will have to resolve as well.

And on…and on… these and other debates will have to resolve to some degree.

Bottom line, I can see where a major revolution is coming folks.  First in the U.S., then possibly worldwide.

Get ready. 😉

I’m a BIG proponent of this…

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Recently, a WA State law was passed making texting or using your cell phone as a driver while driving illegal…and a primary offense.

Heck, it was a secondary offense before that.

Yet, even after the public had spoken in this way, there remains the idiots who are still doing it anyway, thinking somehow they are immune to the consequences (and not just the legal ones).


We cannot drive or pay attention to the road as effectively while texting or talking on a cell phone (it’s been proven repeatedly), so these individuals are making a conscious decision to put their life, but more importantly, everyone else’s lives at serious risk for their selfish reasons.  Are you kidding me?

Is that conversation or text chat so important that you cannot wait until you get out of the fucking car?  Nope, never, not in any case.  Not when human life is at stake.

It’s a shame we live in a society where people make conscious (unconscious?) decisions like this which can damage people’s life, property, or well being.

Sad.  Really sad.