Yeah, It’s Easy To Say It But…

I love it when people say “you should do it this way”…even when they don’t understand anything about what it is they’re asking you to do.

If you haven’t done it, don’t teach it or preach it, period.

It’s easy to be the one who said something, but people are remembered when they’ve actually done something about it.

If You Don’t Live Your Life, Others Will Be Happy To Control It For You…

I love it when people say things like:

“Oh, I’m soooo busy right now with ‘stuff’/’this thing I’ve gotta do’/etc…”

“I would like to do ______ , but I’ve gotta attend/do _________ “

And on, and on…

What.  The. Fuck?

Are you serious?

Hey folks, if you don’t control your time (read: live life the way YOU want to, on YOUR terms)…then other people will be happy to control your life / time / activities for you…if you let them.

Notice the common theme here?

If you complain about “not having the time” to do anything it is you want to do, then you probably allowed this to happen in some form (letting someone else control it for you).

Unbelievable.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t.  No one said you HAD to do certain things, attend certain events, be a “team player” etc…

In every case, it was YOU who decided to let those things happen…period.

A parting thought for this rant…

Is it your life or “theirs?”

Anybody For Self-Accountability?

You see it all the time in the news…

“The government should do this for us…”

“Those other guys should have…”

“Why don’t they just do it this way?…”

And on, and on.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Come on people, why is it that I don’t see people first looking at what they can do for a situation first, or to fix a problem, instead of those same people first blaming other entities, people, etc… for their own shortcomings and mistakes?

Sad, really sad.  If you’re one of these people…try this as a solution:

When something goes “wrong” in your life, first look in the mirror.  Establish what you can do to fix the situation instead of first blaming others, other entities, etc… for what is usually your problem or mistake in the first place.  Seriously, other people will have more respect for you if you do this.

You Have To CHOOSE To Make Your Life Better…It Won’t Be Done For You…

Come on people…really?

Do you really think you can get to a “good life” for yourself by letting any bigger “agencies”, circumstances, the lottery, or other environmental issues be in control?

Nope. It doesn’t work that way.  Never will, no matter how much you “hope” that will happen.  No one “owes” you anything for free, and no one is going to provide you a “break” in life until you’ve earned it…period.

The above-listed items are only there to provide a “minimum” standard of life, period, end of story.

If you want something more, you’ve got to create it.  You’ve got to work hard and make it happen…or it won’t happen…period. It’s on you to create the life you desire, and the results will reflect how well you are creating that life…period…no one else is to blame for the life you have, except you.  That’s the bottom line.

Oh and one more thing (and the inspiration for this post)…if you spend time on the Internet writing foul insults about successful people without conclusive and direct evidence to back up your claims…shame on you.  Just because you don’t enjoy a successful lifestyle, don’t rip down the life of someone else who is successful based on only opinion or conjecture.  There are scammers out there, no doubt, but they actually comprise of less than 5% of all business owners out there…so if you’re placing the permanent record on the Internet before proving it…please don’t.

There’s a good chance (a 95% chance) that the person you’re ripping has part of their life ruined by what you’re saying without just cause, also that record stays on the Internet forever, so please…at least do the decent thing and think about that before placing a permanent record online.

Instead, go create something, add value to someone else’s life, or start a business to deliver value to a community.  We look forward to your offering. 🙂  Oh yeah, your pocketbook will thank you too.