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Blogging Returns (But It Never Left)

Ahhh, blogging (the act of writing a website known as a blog).

On a slow news day, the media (sometimes including the more mainstream media) likes to claim thedeath” of blogging.

I’ve written many times on this blog, that the use of a tool like a blog to publish your writing will not die.


So, there is nothing, that is no “death,” to “return” from … as some prominent bloggers are claiming.

It. Never. Died.

Some writers just decided to do something else, maybe they got bored, tired of writing on a blog, whatever.

But some writers are pointing to what is actually an interesting trend of sorts that ties in nicely with the faux return of blogging.

It’s being called “Big Internet.”  (a term coined by Nicholas Carr, writer of The Shallows)

We talk about Big Oil and Big Pharma and Big Ag. Maybe it’s time we started talking about Big Internet.

Maybe these companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc… that offer the use of free tools and platforms in exchange for data…

… maybe their “deal” isn’t as good as it was before?  It’s part of the reason I left Facebook a long time ago.  I deleted my Google Plus account too, mostly for the same reasons, leaving only Twitter and LinkedIn for my use.

Maybe “Big Internet” is exactly the right term to describe these data monoliths … maybe not?

I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on that.  But blogging, that’s here to stay, never left, and you should decide for yourself if you’re going to use a blog, or not…

… either way, it won’t make big news.

“Of Course It Matters” by Lawrence Lessig

It’s time to step up, get the money out of a corrupt Congress, and take our Republic back…



An app called Yo has been developed in our culture.

Some people like it, some people don’t.

I absolutely do not see the point an app like “Yo” has in our society at all.  What problem does it solve?  Are projects like these representative of where our society is heading (entertainment only, useless apps)?

How many different ways do we need to entertain ourselves?

When does “excess” cross the line into “too much”?

I hope Yo and future apps like it aren’t even part of the answer to that question.

We are wasting (as in flushing down the toilet) the intelligence and talent we have, and the opportunity we have with currently available technologies to create great things.

We DO NOT have time to waste either, the climate is changing as we speak, we are needlessly killing each other, and we are needlessly dying of completely preventable causes.

That, and our economy is going to hell, drug companies are becoming thoughtless monoliths … what else do we need for a wake up call?

NOTE:  I hate having to write so negatively, but it’s reality folks.  At some point reason and rationality have to overtake our absolute failure to objectively look at the real world and the big picture.

I recognize “some” people are working on the bigger problems, but why not devote the expertise and talent that went into creating “Yo” towards those same problems?  It might be fun to create things like Yo … I get that … and I get that we are all free to do our own things … but at some point we have to get our heads out of the sand and pay the piper.