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My Comment On Comcast’s Net Neutrality Comments

Comcast recently clarified their position on net neutrality (link to Twitter hashtag).

Their comments are in this announcement from their corporate website.

I posted a comment to that discussion, and as of this post, it was still being “approved” by Comcast Voices.  Just in case it doesn’t, I screen captured the comment I left, and placed the image here:

My Comcast Comment

My Comcast Comment

Now, if they do in fact post the comment, then I will update here.  If they don’t, well … there is a back up record.

I also Tweeted…

Do The Politicians Stand For Any Issues Any More?

Here in WA State, we have two Senators running for a congressional spot.  Republican Dino Rossi, and Democrat Patty Murray.

Patty has held office for 18 years, and like most politicians, has done some things for the State, and failed to live up to some promises made.

Dino, well, ran for Governor twice…narrowly losing to Gregoire both times.

Both have their pluses, both have their minuses.

But neither are running ads that have any value whatsoever, and that’s the point of this post…why all the negative smear campaigns against the opponent and nothing else?

I don’t want to see problems, I want to see solutions, and how each person will provide them as our representative in Congress.

Let’s get to work.