Are You Lying To Your Email Readers?

It’s a shame…

I get this email in my inbox that says “Personal from [guru name here] …”.

And it wasn’t personal at all, just another ad…because I use two email addresses to subscribe to the same lists, so I can tell if this really was “personal” as stated in the subject line.

Sad that an internet marketing guru would have to resort to such crap just to get me to open their email.  Not that I “fall” for it, I actually read these emails to see how people are marketing their stuff.

Now, there are two sides to this argument, {+++} one where the guru in question would probably have said “But my open rate soars when I use this…”…and the other where myself and many others would say “Yeah, and your sales might go up too…but at what expense?”

I will state right now, this is NOT a rant about email subject lines (at least for the most part).

What is your relationship with your email readers?  How would you classify that relationship?

Have you earned the right to “have your open rates soar” when lying to your readers?

How about this example, which if you’ve been marketing for any length of time…you have seen too…

IMPORTANT:  From [marketer’s name here, or subject of the email]


Bad News about [subject, name, etc..etc…]

Come on people (the marketers who send these).  Is there really no other way you can get your “open rates to soar”?  I would say you’re getting lazy…because for the most part, the marketers that send these types of emails, usually send way more than one.

If you have built a proper relationship with your email readers…guess what?  You wouldn’t need to resort to these “tactics” at all.  In fact, I will challenge that you can get better open rates by focusing more on building a relationship with your email readers, than from using “tactics.”

It’s always been about people, people. 🙂  That will never change.

And…if something is genuinely “important” or “personal”…you won’t sound like the “marketer who cried wolf”…you’ll actually deepen the relationship you have with your email readers…and as an added bonus, will continue to get the open rates you crave.

Just tell the truth…if it’s “personal”, but on a large scale, then say so in the subject line.

“Personal note to all of my valued readers from [guru’s name here]…”

See?  How hard is that?

If it’s “important”, say why in the subject line.

“IMPORTANT:  [guru’s name, or list name, or offer name, etc..etc…] discount ends today at midnight…

Don’t use the word to get the open…use the offer.

How hard is it to make that change?

Well, for some marketers who have internet businesses that rely on tricking the reader to open their emails…it will be difficult.  These marketers are “jonesing” like crack addicts to the open rates of the emails…and missing out on the true profits that solid reader relationships provide.

Are you this marketer?

You’ll eventually learn. 😉  Yeah, for now, your open rates might “soar” in your eyes (have you actually tested any differently? I have)…but as the internet marketing avenue continues to grow, and become more and more social…your business will fade into the sunset.

Yes, there will always be a few that “fall for it”…but because the internet “playing field” is becoming more and more social and multi-media oriented, that bigger influence will kill businesses that don’t fully adapt or “wake up”.

If you’re focusing on building and solidifying relationships with your email readers…take that to the next level with a video blog…so you can be seen (mine is coming, don’t worry, you’ll see this ugly mug yet 🙂  ). 

Oh and by the way, congratulations for not violating the one thing that will separate the big internet businesses and the “has beens” in the years to come.  Trust. I will see you in 5 years when all of the “less than honest” marketers have been phased out.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner In Online Profits

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner In Online Profits

Why You’re Totally Lazy If You’re Cutting Your Prices During This Recession

I am tired of hearing this shit on the news.

“Wah, we have to cut prices to compete any more…”

Or some variation of that business-killing statement.

That’s the friggin’ laziest way through this recession.  I mean really, don’t you feel like doing any work at all to try and prosper in business?

Ok…rant over.

The top companies that will prosper in this recession will be those who start to do what I will call “market flexing.”

What is market flexing?

It’s flexing with the changes in your market right now.  The economy has only changed the way people are spending…not how much they spend (spending might be down, but could that be due to poor marketing?  Hmmmm…..).

The news media might have you believe otherwise…by picking out the select examples of people who are “hard on their luck” and flashing them right in your face.

(sidenote:  why do you watch the news, except for weather and sports? Think about that today)


You simply need to flex with how your market is spending money…and adjust your value proposition accordingly.

Quite honestly, for some businesses online this isn’t even that complex…you may just get away with finding another market of buyers, and adjust your offering to what they are buying (which is the secret to marketing anyhow right?  Find a market that wants to buy something).

So, if you need to flex your marketing…or flex your offer…why is price the first thing you give up?

That’s actually the last thing you should give up…if at all…because reducing price is never the permanent solution to the problem…and responsible for more business deaths than anything else.

Ok…so what are you to do then?  How do you “flex” to your market?

By finding out how and what your market is buying right this moment.  One way to do this (there are hundreds of ways) is to go to Google Trends and type your market into the search bar there.

See what you can find.

You can also go to Ebay Pulse and find out what’s hot on Ebay related to your market or industry.

You can go to’s top searches to find out if your industry is on the list, click it…and you’ll see what people are searching for in your niche.

I can sense a question this might bring up already…

“But Joe, I don’t want to change what I am selling…or how I am selling it!”

If you’re thinking any variation of the above…then you need to go to and look up the definition of insanity.

In other words…are you going to flex to your market?  Or are you going to close up shop?  It’s that simple of a choice.  Beef up your offers, get crazy with customer retention, and just friggin’ take over your market…because no one else is doing it.  Many are just cowering in fear about the next drop in the DOW JONES.

Look, the Internet gives you so much power, it’s not even funny…you can start a video-blog and rebrand yourself or your business.  Do a weekly video-show on your topic (industry) that your market will be interested in watching…and don’t sell a thing during that show…make it valuable content…but have a link to your selling site somewhere in the vacinity.

Viral video marketing is powerful.  Gary Vaynerchuk does it…I will be doing it…you need to start doing it too.

You gotta do what you gotta do.  Go out there and kill it.

Laugh in the face of this recession, don’t cower in whiny fear.

You can do it. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Internet Business Growth Specialist

Joseph Ratliff - Internet Business Growth Specialist

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