Three-Dimensional Thinking (Preface)

Over the next few months I will be gently (sporadically and slowly) explicating a concept I call “three-dimensional thinking.” Here is a very grain-sized 8-million foot overview (not even an overview) of the concept: 1-D thinking = static “Coke or Pepsi” thinking, where someone won’t adjust thinking even when presented with verifiable and reliable evidence.  Note […]

The Great Stillness

“The Great Stillness” To the north, there is a great stillness… The glaciers have returned, the ice is no longer melting at a rate exponentially accelerated by human-created industry. They are in a state of great stillness, moving forward at a rate similar to tens of thousands of years past. The non-human animal species of […]

Why Intelligent Design Fails…

My short answer, anyhow… We need to explicate the “intelligent” in intelligent design. Why focus on the intelligence behind the design? Here’s why … So the ID proponents could put some sort of “entity with intelligence” there. Otherwise intelligence logically wouldn’t be necessary for a natural process of creation that perpetually repeats itself. There is no […]