Poem: What Happened?

In Ferguson, Police have become Military…

Leaving even the journalist’s eyes “teary”…

The United States is in an endless War…

I don’t even know my own country anymore…

What happened?

The NSA watches everyone…

They probably even know if I’m watching re-runs…

They stand up and say “it’s okay, trust us”…

The problem is they lied before Congress…

What happened?

This isn’t the America I learned about in school…

Where the politicians think that we’re all fools…

Where Big Business uses money to vote…

Then leaves the public on a sour note…

What happened?

Now, I do try to keep my chin up…

And I do hope we will join together and rise up…

To take back the country that I love…

All so I can quit asking myself…

What happened?


NOTE:  I am not a poet, but it's an attempt. :)

Something From Nothing?

Nothing, it drives physicists and philosophers nuts.

Did something come from nothing?

How are we here?

My layperson’s hypothesis begins below…


In other words, what if the Universe is simply an infinite loop of creation and a return to the “point” scientists keep exploring?

Infinity … infinite universes, infinite chances for life, and on … and on.

Nothing can be defined as Professor Krauss defines it, but maybe there is no such thing as absolute nothing (with no properties, laws, substance etc…).

So in the end, maybe our Universe just keeps “forming” and “collapsing” in an infinite loop?

What Life Is And What Life Isn’t

Life is…

  • That funny sign or moment that you and your family talk about for hours in one day.
  • Looking up in the sky and wondering “How small am I?”
  • Getting lost while driving somewhere, and finding something even more exciting.
  • The look on your kid’s face when they realize your wisdom helped them “connect the dots.”
  • The first cup of coffee in the morning, on the back deck, on a crisp Fall morning … in silence.
  • Noticing that someone placed three turtles in the pond you walk by every morning.
  • Noticing three more baby turtles a few months later.
  • Opening your Twitter account and coming to the realization that it’s just a tool, nothing more, so “meh.”
  • Just slowing down for the first time in your life to realize that you’ve already been given all the gifts you need.
  • Your son or daughter’s first sports championship … and the look on their face when they’ve won.
  • Thinking.
  • Reflecting.
  • Thanking.
  • Writing.
  • Drawing.
  • Sharing.
  • Reading.
  • Pursuing a thought-experiment in the attempt to solve a bigger world problem.
  • Writing a book in the attempt to help people improve their lives.
  • Realizing you have too much useless stuff.
  • Realizing why you have so much useless stuff, and the impact it’s had on your life.
  • Getting rid of that useless stuff.
  • Realizing you’re not alone, that other people have the same fears, faults, and pretty much the same life as you do.
  • Realizing that since you’re not alone, you can do whatever you want to improve the situation after reading this post.
  • Realizing that life isn’t handed to you on some silver platter, and you are the only one who can impact your life in any meaningful way.
  • Realizing you’re in fact distracted by the links included in this post.
  • Realizing that some (not all) of our technology is completely useless and only there to pull money out of your wallet.
  • Realizing this list is not complete, but that anyone reading this post can complete their own list of what life is.

What life isn’t…

  • The stuff you own.
  • The competition behind the stuff you own.
  • Beating the “Jones’es”.
  • How successful you are.
  • What you look like.
  • About trying to look like “that model in the magazine” (male OR female).
  • Buying the latest purse.
  • Buying the latest wallet.
  • About having the biggest house.
  • Creating an economic system that benefits only you and a select group of others in your wealth or political class.
  • Your opinion “winning.”
  • Greed.
  • Selfishness.
  • Envy.
  • 80 hour workweeks.
  • 60 hour workweeks.
  • Having your kids being raised at daycare all their lives.
  • “Sacrificing” any part of your limited life in the name of some mega-corporation that really won’t give a shit that you did sacrifice.
  • “Trolling” in the sense of the online world.
  • Spamming.
  • Being insecure about yourself.
  • Policing each other with the intent of catching people doing something wrong (which biases your judgment of their doing).
  • Damage to the environment.
  • The latest “fashion trend” which is designed to get you to spend your money on a schedule (nothing more).
  • Upgrading to the latest gadget for no reason other than to be the “first” with it.
  • Scamming other people out of their hard-earned money.
  • Endless, mindless consumption.
  • Remaining a mindless drone.
  • About continuing to think about the superficial.
  • The endless pursuit of perfection.
  • Money.
  • Only choosing A or B.
  • About being a dick.
  • About failing to make personal changes as a result of reading the 2nd part of this big list.

Well, that covers the stuff I’ve thought about for the last couple years.  Will add more as it comes up.

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Slow Down: Let’s Not Let Technology Replace Humanity

We have a gift.

It’s called our humanity.  It consists of our consciousness, ability to adapt, and our ability to think beyond primitive needs.

We live in an age where technology has developed to a point where it can replace certain parts of our humanity.  For example, email replaces face to face meetings, a fact that Stephen Petranek reminded me of before a call we had last week.

Think about this one small way technology is actually damaging our human relationships.  When you email someone, that email takes all of the emotion, tone, inflection, and understanding of the communication away.

You no longer have the necessary elements for a human, face to face conversation.  And while we could replace that with say, a Skype conversation (video or audio), or as Stephen pointed out… a hologram conversation… we don’t do that, do we?


We send an email because it’s convenient.

And in our overly progressed, overly efficient society… convenience causes obsolescence.  What we create in technology that can bring us what we want more conveniently, typically makes the solution before it obsolete.

Email is making conversations more convenient.

Plus, we can “hide” behind our monitor, so we sometimes say hurtful things that we would NOT say face to face, or video to video.

This is a simple example.

Eventually, some of society is looking forward to a “singularity” where technology makes some of our biology obsolete.

I don’t look forward to that.  Because when biology, seen as an outdated model by singularists, gets replaced by technology… humanity ceases to exist.

Sure, technology can “perfect” a human form and processes… but it cannot replace humanity.  Technology needs to be left to evolve itself, not transcend to attempt to evolve humanity.


We strive to make more and more progress as a society, civilization, whatever.

We must move forward, not backward.  We have to upgrade, not remain stable.  We must go faster, not slower.

We must stop doing this.

Not just for ourselves, but for the world as a whole.  When is it good enough?  When do we have “enough” technological progress to say “Hey, let’s stop progressing and use this for awhile.”

There are obvious exceptions to this “slow and stop all progress” mindset.  We have lives to save, an environment we’ve destroyed (but won’t fully admit to doing so), and a future to think about.

We can’t stop every single form of progress in every area of our civilization.  It would be foolish to expect that.

But we can stop all harmful industry, fuels, energy, greed, “efficiency” (notice the quotes), and on … and on. We could start the process of actually stopping all of this now, and turn the page to a new era of our civilization.

It will require resisting old, damaging, expensive (in the big picture, not just $) forms of industry we’ve progressed past for a long time… but we can do it.

We just have to act like we’re capable of as a human civilization.  It might be uncomfortable for a little while, but afterwards, we will enter an era of advanced civilization.  We might just biologically evolve as humans too.