Inserting “Magic” Into the Creation of Life

Left as a comment to this post, and reprinted here as a very short response to this garbage. I didn’t know there was some “magic” time number (Earth age in years) that these discoveries could bump up against. At most, maybe the Earth is older? Maybe these fossils aren’t as old? But neither scenario changes […]

Idiocracy and Technology

Left as a comment on this post by the esteemed Doug Hill, author of Not So Fast. The movie Idiocracy showed people in their recliner chairs, reduced to insignificant blobs of meat that lacked basic intelligence. Everything ordered from the Internet, and all of it was major brand name. Endless media consumption, medicine vending machines, […]

The Technological Progress “Prove It” Manifesto (Redux)

This is an article I had written back in 2015, lost it during a transition of my blog, and I have used the Wayback Machine to recover it.  It is republished here … “Redux”: I’m sick and tired of hearing the same tropes, over and over again, about some part of technological progress… “We’re really […]