The Future of Humanity – A Lecture by Isaac Asimov

Reprinted here with permission (non-copyrighted work): Topic: The Future of Humanity Place: Newark College of Engineering Date: November 8, 1974 The following document is a transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Isaac Asimov. It is from an audio tape which I have had in my collection since 6th grade. It is not available anywhere, and please don’t […]

On the Concept of Evil

There is good in the world, and good people in the world doing good things. Love is a good thing. That much is certain. That said, the rest of my comment is about my thoughts on evil (mainly to answer your question “Does evil exist?”)… There is evil, but it cannot always be defined objectively. […]

You’re Not Alone

We’re all human, and someone feels the way you’re feeling right now… If you’re doubting whether or not you can write a best-seller, you’re not alone, so has every famous author. If you don’t think anyone will ever read your blog, you’re not alone, most blogs take years to develop. If you wake up at 2 am […]