Helping A Fellow Warrior Member…

As I do once in awhile, I read the Warrior Forum. I’ve been a member since 2005.  It’s not often that I read posts that truly turn tragedy into a positive opportunity like the following one written by Warrior Forum Member (and new friend) skydivedad (excerpt only below) : Hi Warriors My Mother died on […]

Paul Myers Delivers A Must Read (Again)

You just have to get this, period (besides, it’s free). Paul Myers (Talkbiz) Goal-Getting Guide (click the link above to get your copy) Related Blogs Related Blogs on paul myers President's Blog » Brooks Institute Documentary Students & Faculty … My Best Kept Secrets – #1 – Paul Myers of Talk Biz News » Small […]

Get Google And Bing Search Results Together

Interesting tool I found today… Now you can compare search results of Google and Bing together on the same webpage. Enjoy! Related Blogs Related Blogs on Bing Search Engine News » Microsoft sued over Bing name Related Blogs on Google Google Android News « 7touch Group Blog Health Blog Related Blogs on Search results […]