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Tony Robbins came out with another gem of  a video the other day…one that I felt I should share immediately.


I want you to think about the 6 human needs every time you find yourself growing or not growing this year.

(for real, don’t cheat yourself…I know some of you are saying “yeah, yeah Joe, I probably already know this”…you don’t)

Click here to watch the Tony Robbins Intervention video (no longer free)…

I’ve just read an update to the Google Adwords program.

Your destination URL and your display URL now have to match.

Get the details here:

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As I do once in awhile, I read the Warrior Forum.

I’ve been a member since 2005.  It’s not often that I read posts that truly turn tragedy into a positive opportunity like the following one written by Warrior Forum Member (and new friend) skydivedad (excerpt only below) :

Hi Warriors

My Mother died on Christmas Day and it was a horrible blow. She was a kind, gentle and loving woman who raised 4 kids after my Father died when I was 4. She was generous and giving. She always told me no matter my circumstances I always had something to give to help others even if it was just a smile. To Honor her Memory I’d like to give a totally broke IM newbie a break and a hand up…

You can read the rest of the post by clicking here.

Because this post was so touching…I personally contacted Paul (skydivedad) and decided to go ahead and donate a free War Room Membership to this cause for an honorary contribution (see the post itself for more details).

Click here to go straight to it —>

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