Who Gave You Your Independence? (84th edition)

While this really isn’t the 84th edition, I have written this list each year since 2006 I believe (on an older blog).  So call this the 5th official edition. Each year, I pay tribute to the certain individuals who helped provide a measure of independence for me in my business, or through their friendship. Obviously, […]

5 Books Every Marketer Is Required To Have On Their Bookshelf

The following is a list of 5 books that every marketer should be required to have on their bookshelf (and have actually read them several times each)… Scientific Advertising/My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins Influence (Science and Practice) by Robert B. Cialdini Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz Getting Everything You Can Out Of All […]

A Site That I Highly Recommend You Visit

Andre Chaperon is a good friend, fellow marketer, and author of a site I highly recommend you visit. He believes as I do, you offer solid content upfront and that you’re marketing to people, not “numbers.”  If you’ve never heard of Andre before, it’s because he kinda keeps his stuff on the “down low”, it’s […]