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Using a site called, I’ve created The Joseph Ratliff Daily.  It’s a combination of stories generated from links shared by myself and my Twitter followers.  Each day, it will update with new stories.

I don’t know if I will keep this active or not yet, as I’m leery about what appears on the page each update.  But for now… click here to access it (you can also create your own if you like).

What does 04082007 mean to marketing?

On April 8th, 2007 a marketing master left us.  I wrote about it on another site…but that site has since gone past…and Sir Gary Halbert, the Prince of Print, deserves another mention.

Gary Halbert was a pure direct marketing genius, every word that he spread taught us how to make the world a better place through the written word.  I learned more in one phone call lasting 2 hours talking to Gary personally, than in several courses worth since.  Yes, his teaching (hell, the way he carried himself) was that powerful.

John Carlton, a friend of Gary’s, and another master of marketing, had written a fitting tribute on his blog…you can (and should) read that tribute here.

You should read every letter of The Gary Halbert Letter, you’ll notice that short of a few 900-number schemes…it all still applies today.

Well, today is the day, it’s August 16th, 2010.

As I mentioned in this blog post about my thoughts, I no longer offer paid marketing consultations as part of my service offerings.  Those of you who took advantage of my 7 “short consultations” will or have been contacted to schedule your sessions.

Here are the services I currently offer:

  • Of course, I will provide marketing strategy and advice as an added-value PART of my writing, just not the official, formal, and paid mentoring sessions that I’ve been providing.
  • My foundational service, writing direct response copy that pulls in sales and leads for my clients.
  • Offline postcards, direct mail packages, and other direct response copy.
  • Magazine articles, I am focusing some of my efforts towards print.
  • “Lifestyle Essays”. These will be rather unique, longer articles (reports?) and will be offered on this blog as downloadable PDF’s in both paid and free format.

So there you have it.  Sorry for the “personal” business stuff…but businesses evolve, mine did, so I thought I would share it with you.