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What is The Profitable Business Edge? Part 1

I am creating this three part series to inform you what The Profitable Business Edge really is…and how you can benefit from it.

The reason for doing this is to:

  • Clarify a few things.
  • Provide a marketing and branding lesson for you.
  • And to let you know where The Profitable Business Edge came from, where it is now, and where it is going for the future of internet marketing.
  • And, to get to know me better as a marketer.

So, for the remainder of this post…and the next two posts…sit back and enjoy, you just might learn a few things about many things (but you will have to read into it a little).
The Birth of The Profitable Business Edge
The Profitable Business Edge was born out of an idea that I could use a blog to deliver high impact, totally out of the box information to help small businesses succeed both on and off the Internet (and my readership is split almost right down the middle to prove it).
But let’s expand on this a little. You will notice I wrote “out of the box” in my earlier statement. That is what makes The Profitable Business Edge unique in a way. The information presented here is delivered in such a way as to make even the most basic marketing techniques seem really deep conceptually (all marketing boils down to basic techniques, there isn’t “advanced marketing” strategies anywhere, it is more of a mentality).
So why the “really deep” approach to basic marketing strategy?
To change your thinking process about marketing. I write these posts to challenge you, and your current thinking, so that you will view marketing in a different light. I have received numerous emails from business owners online and offline, that own businesses ranging in annual sales volume from less than 100k a year all the way up to 60 million a year. Comments almost always center around the fact that by reading The Profitable Business Edge, their thinking has changed.
So, I am accomplishing exactly what I wanted to when I started this blog. And, I thank and appreciate every one of my readers who have commented on, and submitted emails to me with feedback.
This blog would not be nearing it’s 100th post without you, thank you.
So, what are we going to lead into in part 2?

  • Why the name “The Profitable Business Edge”?
  • Where is The Profitable Business Edge now?
  • An upcoming special surprise. 🙂
  • And why the heck does Joseph’s signature always say “Author of The Profitable Business Edge”? That could only mean he is…

Stay tuned.
To your success online and offline,
Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant
And Author of The Profitable Business Edge
P.S. Please tell me your thoughts by commenting below…what you would like to see in upcoming posts beyond this three part series, any feedback, etc..

It’s Time To Acknowledge Our Independence Again…


It’s that time of year again. This is the second Independence Day for The Profitable Business Edge. In my first 4th of July Post last year, I gave thanks to those who helped give me independence in the online and offline world.

I am going to start by doing the same this year…

My wife Dawn, and my two boys Justin and Austin – Well, aside from the obvious reasons, I would be a fool not to mention the foundation of my life, my family. The support my wife has given me to push through even though it meant 14 hours of work today…has been priceless. My two boys help out on the other end…

“Dad, when are you going to be done on the computer today?” Heheheh. 🙂

Ryan Healy – A world-class copywriter, mentor, and friend. Ryan has helped me through a couple of brief “rough” patches I had this year of 2007… and deserves a visit to his blog “On Copywriting” over at today. Thank you Ryan, you have helped bring peace in the couple of turbulent times I have had.

Noah Fleming – Owner of the very popular internet marketing membership site, , Noah has shown me quite a bit about internet marketing from an “insiders perspective.” His friendship and coaching have brought a new view for me to the online world, and I am using that viewpoint to create something big…something I think that will be revolutionary in the online world, and I will ask Noah to help bring it to light when finished of course 😉 . Thank you Noah, first for your friendship, and of course for the coaching.

There are countless other individuals that have made an impact in my business and personal lives…know this, you are all dear to my heart and I thank you.

Let’s be thankful for the freedom to make choices today everyone. That freedom has come at a heavy price, so don’t “ruin it” by forgetting to give thanks.

To your freedom in business,

Joseph Ratliff

Do Your Customers Have To Ask You To Market Your Business?

I know, I know…


Please allow me to explain, because this is an instant profit generator for your business.

I mean it.

If you own a business that offers multiple products or services to your market…how do your customers find out the ways that your business can benefit their lives?

Do they have to actually ask you? I mean, is it their fault if they don’t do enough research and find out from other sources what you have to offer?

Nope, it isn’t their fault…it’s your fault…and your responsibility to educate your customers how your business can benefit their lives.

“But Joe, I have a website/brochure that does all of that. Man, your a moron…telling me that I have to educate my customers on all of the services/products that I offer. Plus, they never ask me what I offer, so I assume they don’t want to know.”

When a business owner replies this way…I naturally challenge them:

“Ok, Mrs. Business Owner, so what you are saying is it is your customers responsibility to use your brochures and websites etc… to educate themselves on your business and its offerings? What if they don’t understand everything you offer? What if they don’t want to read your website or brochure to find out how about every way you can help them?”

“Mrs. Business Owner, how are you going to get your message across?”

Let’s expand on this a little…using an example from my own business.

* A client hires me to execute the marketing for their business using my Hidden Marketing Assets system.

* During the process, we uncover that my client’s business lacks a system of marketing to their existing customer database. This requires that copy be written for the mailers to go out to that database. Well, I can tell you that my client will pay me fees to write that copy on top of the fees for executing the database marketing effort.


Because in the beginning of any relationship I develop with my clients…I educate them on the value of copywriting as part of their marketing process…then I inform them that I offer that as well.

My consulting relationship just had some value – added…because I ensure that my clients are aware of, and educate them on the value of, every one of the services that I provide.

And this can happen for you too. You cannot trust that your website, brochure, or other marketing collateral will do this all – important task.

If you have sales staff, they need to be trained properly in offering and educating your clients on your entire menu of services or products that you provide and offer these to your new and existing customers. If you have not done this very well up to this point…this is an instant source of cash flow for your business.

As a bonus tip for today…

Go to your existing customer database if you have one. Start the process of educating and marketing all of your services or products to them, one at a time.

Cha Ching 🙂

How do you market these extra offerings to your customer base?

To your business success,

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant
And Author of The Profitable Business Edge