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Success in anything, including marketing online, is 100% your choice.

You can choose to believe all the stuff “they” show you or talk to you about (the media, the politicians, some of your “friends”, and on, and on…).


You can choose to believe there is opportunity out there, there is plenty of income possibility for everyone, you can get rich in the way you want to, and you can do it if you commit yourself to it.

Deliver more real value than you charge for, always.

The choice is 100% yours to make, so don’t let anyone take that away from you…ever.

Some people blog for money (that being the sole focus is a big mistake IMHO)…

Some people blog to market…

Still others blog for personal reasons…

So, why do you blog?  Not the “on the surface” answer you give everyone who asks the question, but the real answer to…why do you blog?

Do you just like to type aimlessly and log all of your thoughts…thoughts which could be spread across the internet with thousands of people?  Do you blog for the allure of getting “that” phone call from a big company who calls you to ask how much you charge to advertise?

What is it?  What is your purpose for blogging?

Here’s why I ask…

So long as the reason(s) for blogging are legal, ethical, and moral…there really is no wrong reason…but…

Make damn sure that the reason you’re blogging is your own.

And this is where most people who blog fail BIG time.


From reading some $47 ebook that says there is HUGE potential to make money by blogging, even though you aren’t cut out for it…

…to sharing some gory detail about your personal life on a blog just because a friend told you “it would be cool to do that.”  (Note that it won’t be your friend who has to explain to a potential employer or client why you showed a picture of yourself in your undergarments on your blog, and yes, an employer or client WILL search)

Are any of the reasons given by someone or something else really your own reasons to blog?  Don’t you think they should be?

I blog (on this blog) for 2 primary reasons…

1)  To share a different viewpoint on various business topics with other people. I want to make those people think a little differently, because I feel that when that happens, we start to do what others won’t…and more business success breeds itself from that discovery.

2)  To make money through the affiliate programs of products that help people succeed in business, or to help people realize the dream of starting a business of their own.

Those are my reasons, but more importantly, what are yours?

Let’s hear ’em below (if you dare)…

Most people are afraid of criticism.

That fear permeates itself into the way they try to start a business, the way they build a business, or the way they live life in general.

Before you worry about being criticized, you gotta find it first. Once you have been criticized a few times, you’ll probably find it isn’t as bad as you thought it was (I guess for some people that could be different?).

So go out there, and try to get criticized for something (keep it legal, moral, and ethical of course).  Then, go do it again.

Stay outside of that comfort zone people…your satisfaction with your life will thank you for it.