One Networking Mistake You Should Quit Making

Ooof! At a local networking event…someone just jammed their business card in my gut. Then, they started babbling about what they do, right off the cuff.  Ummm… Do I care at that point?  Nope. So why do we try and see how many business cards we can hand out at networking events? It might be […]

Thomas Edison Failed 1000 Times…Yawn…

Thomas Edison failed to build a working light bulb 1000 times before creating a successful one. Yawn, every success guru points to this story as a “Failure leads to Success” story. But…it’s not enough to just fail 1000 times…you also have to learn, build, and improve all at that same time in order to get […]

Why Stop At Calling Yourself A Blogger?

Aren’t you more than that? Even if you’re a person focuses on using a blog as your primary marketing device…aren’t you really first a business owner?  An entrepreneur?  If you only blog for personal reasons…a creator?  An artist?  Even a writer? This “magical” labeling of people as bloggers (or worse pro-bloggers) means absolutely nothing.  Zero, […]