Content Isn’t King

Man, I’m going to shock people from the “typical” school of marketing community today. Folks, content isn’t, and never has been king. Oooooh…Joe is defying common wisdom online today isn’t he? Nope, content isn’t king…and here’s why… Content is a part of something much bigger…the conversation. That’s right, the conversation is king, and always has […]

The Death Of “The Death Of” Types Of Content (Please?)

The Web Is Dead – Wired Magazine The Death Of Internet Marketing – Mike Filsaime The Death Of The Sales Letter – Michel Fortin The Death Of Adsense – Scott Boulch The Death Of The Long Sales Letter – Various authors The Death Of … – Whomever Else Like a crack addict, they keep going […]

You Don’t Want Success Bad Enough…

Truer words were never spoken about success… You gotta want it bad. ┬áSo bad, that everything else (even some needs) won’t be met. Jason Moffatt (J-Mo) put up a video of a gentleman named Sean Walker telling “The Truth” about success, and the video says the rest… Click here to watch it —>