“How $2.00 Can Solve Your Marketing Woes”


How do you market to those potential clients that inquire about your services or products?

Is it the typical way?…

1) Receive inquiry for more information or freebie giveaway.

2) Send freebie giveaway or information.

3) Make a follow up call to try and sell your main product or service.

4) Put this inquiry into the “I’ll get to it later” pile that you never get to again.

Does your marketing process seem similar to this? Maybe with only slight differences?

Your losing business left and right. And if your excuse is “I can’t afford to do it the right way”…

Then the money will run out and you will be out of business, period.

If you actually will see marketing as an investment with a return on that investment after being properly tested…then read on.

In today’s business climate, you need “front of mind awareness” to remain competitive. In other words, you have to be the first person or business that a client thinks about when they finally reach the decision to purchase your product or service.

When your marketing process is at an advanced level, you will be the only person on that client’s mind when they reach a decision.

So let’s take this one step at a time and at least be the first person on the mind…shall we?

Here is the way the process could work for less than $2.00 per client after the initial inquiry:

1) Receive inquiry for more information or freebie giveaway.

2) Send information or giveaway to potential client.

3) Follow up with a phone call to ensure they received the information or giveaway. Perhaps this could lead to a sale. But for those that don’t sell…

4) Send letter number 1 asking for their business. In letter number one, offer a compelling bonus or reason for acting on the first letter. For those that don’t sell…

5) Send letter number 2 asking for their business about a week from the first letter being received. In letter number two, offer a compelling bonus or reason for acting on this letter. For those that don’t sell…

6) Send letter number 3 asking for their business about two weeks from the second letter being received. In letter number three, offer a compelling bonus or reason for acting on this letter. For those that don’t sell…

7) Send letter number 4 asking for their business about two weeks from the third letter being received. In letter number four, offer a compelling bonus or reason for acting on this letter. For those that don’t sell…

8) Send letter number 5 asking for their business about a week after the fourth is delivered. In letter number five, offer a compelling bonus or reason for acting on the final letter. Use a big close to this letter…with all the benefits and such of the product or service clearly stated and why they need to act now.

9) One final phone call for one last effort with this product or service to offer.

For those that don’t sell…don’t throw them away. Big mistake. Do you have an alternative, or lesser priced product to sell? Now is the time. But perhaps allow 30 – 60 days and start a mini marketing process for that list.

This is a general, simple, and low-cost process for re – marketing to your inquiries. It takes 5 – 7 contacts before the typical client will consider your offer. Five letters cost about $2.00 to mail, and I guess if you factor in an envelope and the paper, your at $2.25 per inquiry plus phone time. You cannot get much better than that.

Keep the envelope very simple, trying to avoid the “commercial mail” look. The letter is simple, at least use “Dear Friend” as a greeting…but personalizing the letter is even better and will increase response.

The first few sentences of the letter are all you have to capture the attention of your reader. Once they start reading your letter though…you will need to keep “feeding” compelling reasons to continue reading it.

Then, ask for the order with a focused call to action. The more focused and simple you make it for someone to order, the higher your response rate will be.

But you must mail a minimum of 4 letters to make this work for you. Obviously, there are other variables involved…but just using the multiple contact method alone will increase sales.

“Do The Latest Marketing Techniques And Strategies Help Market Your Business?”

I know, I know…


“Joe, of course the best and latest marketing strategies are going to bring the boatload of profits and worry – free business they promise!”

Sure they can…but is your business at that level yet?

Come on now, put your ego aside and really do an honest self – evaluation here.

Does your current marketing process carry a client from “just looking” to “sold” effortlessly?

Some things to keep in mind when you are analyzing the strength of your current marketing efforts:

1) Message – does your marketing message contain and promote your Unique Selling Proposition? If not (and most marketing messages don’t) then this is the first step of implementing the “basic” marketing rules to your business. If you do not know what a Unique Selling Proposition is…well…why even begin to look at the latest and greatest marketing techniques in the first place? Walk before you run, grasshopper.

By the way, this is the most basic of marketing techniques…and the most often overlooked or not even used.

2) Market – For those few businesses that actually have defined their U.S.P., the next step is to match your unique message to your market, or the clients you wish to target. The key word there is target. If you fail to clearly identify who your ideal client is…your money will run out someday and your business will fail, period. To start you off targeting your market, think of your market in this manner:

–You want the most clients in a pool of the most defined niche possible…for example:

Targeting a huge pool of clients like “all males” or “all females” is not good enough of a target.


a) Targeting “All females, 25 – 34, with median income of over $30,000 in the household” is a good start depending on your product or service, and your U.S.P. if it is well developed.


b) Business Opportunity seekers that have recently purchased a mid – level coaching program.


c) Real Estate Investors that deal specifically with pre – foreclosures.

Do you see the common thread in each of a, b, and c?

The market is actually narrowed a little bit further than the general category. What you are shooting for here is a sizable enough market of potential clients, but narrowed enough so you can be considered a “specialist” in that market.

Match your U.S.P. and message to your market correctly…

And you will have all the profits your business needs.

But there is one more “basic” marketing technique that you need to master before you advance your business to the level where you can start to think about using all of those bigger and better advanced strategies you keep looking at.

3) Basic Marketing Media and Testing – The “how you’re reaching your market” stuff. What is the best media to use? Are you testing different approaches and then developing those that work?

Even for internet marketers…online may not be the best place to market your product, but rather the best spot for the client to place their order. Offline media such as newspaper, direct mail, seminar marketing, and others may actually work to promote an online business better than simply directing Pay Per Click ads at a website offering a “freebie” or introductory offer.

My own business is a perfect example of this.

I offer marketing coaching, copywriting, and a couple of internet resources on my website but I do not use PPC advertising at all.

Mainly local, targeted, direct mail and seminar marketing.

I have found a greater response rate using these methods combined with article marketing on the web. I have thoroughly tested my market, my U.S.P,  and found offline methods to be more profitable for my business.

But your business may be different.

So test for yourself, use the techniques that work best with your U.S.P. and clearly targeted market…and watch your profits soar.

And quit searching for the “next big thing” until your business is in a position to maximize profits using those techniques. Master the basics first.

See you at the top.

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Coach, Copywriter, and Author

“Can Preparing and Delivering a Seminar Help Market Your Business?”

I think we all know the answer to this question.

Of course getting up in front of multiple, very qualified prospects for your product or service will result in additional interested parties willing to investigate or buy what you have to offer. It also establishes you as an expert in whatever you do.

But that is not why I am writing this post.

My main question for you is…

Why don’t more business owners use this most profitable technique?

I think the answer to that question has to do with facing your F.E.A.R.

Or the…

Facts about

Expanding your

Actual and current


In other words…expanding your comfort zone to include being able to present an idea to more than one person at one time.

Let’s get right to the meat of this post…

How do you overcome this fear and get yourself into a frame of mind to be able to use seminars to deliver valuable information and generate increased profits for your business?

The answer lies within the “E” of my acronym above. The reason we hesitate to move outside of our comfort zone and expand our current reality is because we do not have any past experiences or we have only negative experiences to draw upon in our brain. In other words…

We don’t know what is on the other side of the fence.

Get over it. I understand if you feel that is “harsh” or abrasive, and I apologize…but in order to gain extraordinary results, you must do extraordinary things. You cannot keep avoiding seminars as a means to market your business just because your afraid or don’t know what to do to deliver a presentation.

I will give you a secret of all secrets when it comes to seminar marketing…

Everyone who has used seminars as a means of marketing and delivering information…

Has screwed up big time when delivering their speech or presentation at one point or another.

Have they screwed up all the time, or every time? No.

Just like anything else, delivering a seminar requires:

  • Practice, practice, practice (perhaps in front of a mirror or with your family before you decide to go live with your speech).
  • The ability to forgive your mistakes. Who cares if you blow one part of a seminar or even the whole seminar? Don’t take it personally, everyone who does this makes mistakes until they get good at it. Which leads to the most important point…
  • The ability to learn from those mistakes and move on. This is a big secret to success. You will fail at least once, period. Just know that…and realize that mistakes are opportunities to make your presentation that much better. Once you do a few, your presentation will get “dialed in” and your results will improve.

Take one or two items from your business and outline how those one or two items can help your target client…then start planning and preparing your presentation. Include a couple of “insider secrets” that you may know that your audience may not know.

Contrary to what you may believe, your presentation does not have to:

  • It does not need to be four hours long or longer. In most venues, anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes is sufficient, with some being even shorter.
  • You do not have to have slides, a power point, or other technical items involved in your presentation. A simple verbal speech complete with copied handouts for each attendee is sufficient. You may wish to use a “report folder” with each handout for a professional appearance and use a cover page.
  • You do not have to be the equivalent of Tony Robbins or other professional speaker to gain credibility and be effective. While your presentation should be delivered in a straightforward and professional manner, you don’t have to have massive amounts of “pump up the crowd” energy to be effective. Just practice. You will be fine.

Bottom line, you may feel uncertain about using a seminar to help market your business. Get over those feelings and just get out there and do it.

Take action, now. Don’t put this off at all, don’t give yourself an excuse not to do it, just gather your information as described above, and do it.

I do understand that this was not a complete course in giving seminars to market your business. Sometimes, too much information can actually paralyze us into inaction (I have been there).