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“How Forgetting About Profits Can Help Market Your Business”

Hold on for one second…

Don’t fire up that email program and start blasting away at me yet.

I don’t mean you have to totally forget about managing your business to extract maximum profitability out of it. That would be business suicide.

Picture this with me for a second…

You have two buckets, one above the other. The top bucket represents the value your offering to your customers with your product(s) or service(s).

The bottom bucket, represents your business’ profits.

If the customer value bucket is directly above the other, you cannot start to fill the profits bucket until you fill the value bucket. No, you cannot tip the top bucket over either.

In other words…your value bucket has to overfill in order to start filling the profits bucket.

Are you with me so far? Good, because you absolutely must understand this concept as the small business environment keeps getting more and more competitive (both online and offline).

You have to deliver more value than your customers expect in order to fill your profits bucket. As you can see, the profits bucket is empty with each new customer that you serve in your business.

But what if you could fill more than one profit bucket for each customer? You can…and that is actually the focus of this lesson.

Which bucket will you focus on for each customer in your business? Value, or profits?

Focus on value, and you can keep filling up more profit buckets for each customer.

Focus on profits, and you will have a hard time filling that bucket without adding value.

So, which one do you choose?

I already know the answer to that question. So, the next logical question would be…

How do you add to the value bucket?
It is quite simple actually. But I wonder why more businesses don’t add value to their transactions?
You simply take the item(s) or service(s) that your selling…and package them with something else that enhances the lives of your customers for little or no additional fee. The key here is to make what your offering irresistible to the customer who is buying.
I will give you a few ideas, perhaps you can use one or more of these in your business:
  • Are you a service provider? Add a special report or two that will aid in making it easier for the customer to do business with you. You can also include reports that will allow your customer to make some money in the process of doing business with you.
  • Are you a retail store? Then simply package items that enhance each other’s usability together. For example, shampoo and conditioner for just a little more than the price of shampoo. Oil and filters for the price of the filter etc…
  • Do you sell services and products? Then package a couple of products that enhance the service you provide together for the price of your main service.

There are obviously way more possibilities that could make this post over 100 pages long. The key here is to make the offer a creative one, an offer that benefits your customer’s lives.

And know this…the better your offer, and the more perceived value your customer senses, the faster you will be able to fill up those profit buckets.

Can Forgetting Something Help Market Your Business?

Yep, it can.

I know, I know…you probably thinking “Huh?”

Please allow me to explain…

Have you ever been on a phone call or at a face to face meeting with a client, ended your conversation, and that was that?

All the time…right?

Not if you want to capitalize on the lesson in this post.

When you finish your next conversation on the telephone with a client of yours…hang up as usual. But don’t end your contact there.

Call them back, and say “Oops, I forgot something, we are having a special on/offering at a discounted rate for/extending a limited time offer on etc… this widget/service for our current clients only. Would you be interested?”

You would be surprised to find out how many take you up on the offer. Now, obviously, if hanging up and calling back doesn’t get the person you just spoke with…then you can still do the same thing in the same conversation. Just change the script to:

“Oops, before you go, I forgot something…” and continue with the same script.

In a face to face meeting, you do what Columbo (an old TV Detective) used to do very well.

Get up, and walk just outside the door, just before the door shuts behind you…walk back in. Then, use the first script above.

This little trick will pick up extra sales, which all businesses need in our current hyper – competitive business world. For you online folks…you can actually do the same thing with an exit pop up window. But that is for another post.

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, and Author
The Profitable Business Edge

Michael Senoff Exposed – The Real Truth About

EDITED 10/8/2017 — this is now a 10-year old post.  The offer described here is no longer free.  It is a paid offer.  A long time ago (in Internet time) this offer was free.

Yep, I am going to do it.

I am going to expose Michael Senoff for what he really is…

One of the few true value – oriented, “what you see is what you get”, “give first to get” marketers on the Internet.


I bet you were reading into this post for something negative about Michael Senoff. Nope. The real topper is…you can do a search on for “Michael Senoff” and look through all of the results.

You won’t find a single thing negative about the guy. Not one single thing.

Now I am going to tell you my story of how I came across Michael’s site, .

I am a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant by trade…so I was naturally looking to find those ads by direct marketers of long ago to help build on my already large “swipe file” that helps me get ideas when I write copy for clients.

I came across another of Michael’s sites… (no longer active)

I started looking, and found out that…everything on that site was free.

You can actually look at the content of that site, and use it to build your own marketing ideas! For nothing.

So, I started to wonder…

“If this guy Michael Senoff is giving away this treasure trove of stuff at this site…does he have any other sites?”

And, I did a search under the name “Michael Senoff” (with quotes) in

I found his main site at and I really started to investigate the contents.

There is over 117 hours of audio content, with pdf transcripts, covering just about any marketing topic you can think of...for freakin FREE.  (Ten years later, this is now a paid offer, but with more being offered by Michael,).

You don’t even have to submit your email address. Not kidding.

Most marketers don’t even give anything of any value away first…you just get a sales pitch for their product or service in the “valuable free report” they give you for opting in to their email list. Michael Senoff doesn’t follow that mantra.

You can actually get an entire, course level education for free on his site.

If I had to place a dollar – value on the totality of information available (for free) at, it compares to some of the coaching programs you have to pay thousands of dollars for.

(I imagine it’s still valuable, knowing Michael, but ten years later, I cannot verify that now).

I mean that, thousands of dollars of information is available here.

Now, you might be thinking…

“Yeah right Joe, your just doing one of those ‘reviews’ that leads to an affiliate link of some sort so you can make money when I click on it.”


You will not find a single affiliate link in this post.  (Still not an affiliate link).

The entire reason I am writing this post is because when I find someone on the ‘net who “gets it”, which is very rare I must say…

That person deserves to gain the extra benefit of unsolicited testimonials, reviews, and business from me and my business. Period.

I still suggest you do it.