Chris Guillebeau on his new book: “Born for This”

  I had another opportunity to ask Chris Guillebeau some questions about another book he wrote titled Born for This, a book about finding out what you were meant to do in life. So, naturally … I took full advantage to “bug” Chris on his 30 – city (!) book tour.     Here are […]

“Has Society Gone Mad?”

My answer to someone’s post on Reddit: “Society” as a whole hasn’t gone mad, we just don’t really know what to do with all of the “artificial” and “illusion” in our culture (in the big picture). We’re all part of the same broken system, we can’t seem to get “past” the superficial you speak of, […]

“Born for This” by Chris Guillebeau

A new book by Chris Guillebeau, Born for This. It’s a book about finding the work you were meant to do.  I will hopefully be posting an interview with Chris to this blog soon. The book shows a release date of April 5th, 2016 … and you can pre-order a copy here. Some Tweets about […]