The Absolute Horror of Yin and Yang

Shouting into the shadows at the dark pessimist… A recent Twitter encounter with a dark pessimist inspired this post.  Not to try to debate him, nor to prove him “wrong,” but to expand the conversation a little. Let’s continue… The idea of Yin and yang is a powerful one.  Light must exist inseparably with darkness, […]

If (For Some Reason) You Find Atheists “Delusional”…

If you’re willing to dismiss someone as “delusional” based on one simple (and harmless) belief of theirs (like being an atheist) … that’s a little weird. But what I really think is you’re looking for some “snap back” … someone to call you delusional or some other name etc.  Maybe some “back and forth” about […]

Welcome to the “Digital Society”

We live in The Digital Society. We are using digital data to pursue some illusion of “perfection.”  In some cases, we are using it against each other. In more nefarious cases, we are using this data to profit at the expense of our fellow human.  Some institutions are using your own data to extract your […]