Making It Happen In Online Business

Holy crap. If the following short story applies to your internet business in any way shape or form (allow your mind to expand these thoughts)…you need to fix your mentality right away. I mean it.  Right now. Here’s the story of one of my clients (name removed of course)… As I do with all of […]

Are You Renting Or Owning?

Are you trying to piggy back on interest generated by another media giant?  That’s old school marketing people. Instead, own the platform from which you generate your following and create your “tribe” of followers.  The social media landscape we operate in now allows just that. Seth Godin explains it in today’s lesson… The platform vs. […]

How To Activate Reciprocity And Rise Above The Noise In Your Market

This post will express one of those “simple” ideas, perhaps too simple…but yet 95% of you that read this won’t implement it. The 5% that do however…well…as always the “implementers” win BIG time…all the time. I’m talking about doing what others won’t do with your marketing to prospects, to generate leads etc… Whether it’s in […]