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To me, fear is nothing more than your body preparing you for a trip outside of your comfort zone. So pack your bags, and experience fear “on purpose” today.

This is the final part of a two part post that should have been a small report I guess 🙂

Part 1 is here.

Continuing our “what it really takes to make money online” theme…

This whole internet marketing business game really boils down to one simple concept (and yes, it IS this simple)…

You need to think about how much value you can deliver to people to help them improve their lives first…before thinking about any profits you’ll make.

Most marketers are very selfish in their mindset to making money online.  They want that elusive “internet lifestyle” so bad that they will try to “game the system” or use all the blackhat tricks to make money using the internet.

Those internet business models don’t have long – term value…because they don’t serve people…instead they annoy people.

John Reese covered this thoroughly in his document “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing”, which incidentally, is no longer available.

Yes, it’s from 2007, but really, the strategies that John makes reference to (as well as the strategies that I’ve pointed out in these 2 posts) are all evergreen concepts that will transcend any “marketing gimmick” that doesn’t serve people.

You can also download my Ramblings 2 Report (no longer available) which contains nothing but evergreen business strategies (105 pages of them) for you to enjoy.

(keep in mind, that blog is the one that “died” a short time ago, so I don’t know how long this download link will be active until I change hosting and change the link)

Anyhow…I think this concludes our lesson (for now).

Be on the lookout for posts on pricing, building systems for leverage in your online business, and much much more!

The relationship before the sale.

Remember those words, apply them to your business, and you’ll make millions…forget them, or try “traditional advertising”…and you’ll end up closing your doors within 5 years.

I guarantee it.

QUIT thinking about the money before you develop a relationship with your clients…instead, think about value first and that will sell whatever you’re selling.

And the power of the Internet is…you can actually talk about what you love, and get paid for it.

Notice, I didn’t say sell what you love…think about that today.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

What relationship have you furthered today?

What relationship have you furthered today?