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One is a powerful word.  Especially for today’s lesson.

One of the main reasons people fail to make money using the internet is due to a lack of focus when getting started (and sometimes when they continue after getting momentum).

When getting started…

You need one reason.

(for me it was helping to grow businesses and seeing the reaction on business owner’s faces once they achieved true freedom)

You need one skill.

(in the beginning, for me it was copywriting and a little bit of marketing…now it’s much more of a role as an online business-results coach and copywriting)

You need one niche to explore.

(for me, business owners that wanted to use the Internet to generate 1 – 100% of their revenue)

You need one method of monetization.

(sell my skills and knowledge to that niche)

So you can earn one dollar.

(did that in 2001)

Once you do that, you repeat and duplicate until you are making considerable income from one business.  But you have to earn that first dollar first…before even thinking about the “thousands” or “millions” you’ll make.


One and

Capitalize on it

Until you’re


That’s the one key that opens the front door to success, and if you’ve already started gaining momentum…the one key you must return to when you feel like things aren’t going as planned with your online business.

It really is that simple folks.  But not easy…as it’s extremely likely that you’ll be faced with 1000’s of distractions and seemingly better opportunities along the way.

Forget them.

If the other opportunities were so much better than what you are / want to working on now…you wouldn’t have them being marketed to you…you would have to go and find them.  People don’t share the “real” secrets for $47 in an ebook…period.

So now, the choice is yours…

Are you going to F.O.C.U.S. and get real about your business…or get a job slaving away for someone else and line their pockets?

Until next time…

Joseph Ratliff

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I hear this question way too much.

Here is the answer…

As much as you want.

I know, you are probably getting ready to fire up your email program and roast me for such an elementary answer…but don’t do that just yet.

Here is the rest of the answer…

In the right places, using the right techniques, directed at the right audience.


This mentality with your marketing will consistently produce a solid Return on Investment.  So, invest as much of your available funds this way…because it will just keep making money for you.

But here is the catch…

Miss any one of the three key elements:

1) The right places (market area)

2) The right techniques (correct message, and type of marketing)

3) The right audience (marketing your product to someone who wants to buy)

And your campaign goes BOOM (it implodes)!


It doesn’t matter if you invest 3% of your sales or 30% of your sales…if you have the three key elements locked in…you will get pretty much the same proportion of Return On Investment.

So if you invest $100 on marketing your business properly, and get $200 in sales from that investment…what would happen if you invested $1000 in the same marketing campaign? $10000? $100,000? That’s right, you can keep on trading investment for profits until the market dries up (which is extremely rare, so no excuses). =)

In my humble opinion you have two options…

1) Keep tossing a bunch of marketing and advertising dollars at the “wall” and hope they stick.

2) Focus your message, use the right method, and make sure the people reading that message will want your product or service. And PROFIT ALL DAY LONG.

I already know which option you would like to choose.

What are you going to do in your business today to choose it?

The first step to success in any sales process…is to get your prospect to take the next step…

The second step to success in any sales process…is to get your prospect/customer to take the next step…

The third step to success in any sales process…is to get your customer to take the next step…

Are you getting the picture here?

Instead of trying to sell the house to each and every prospect or customer…instead focus on getting them to take the next step in your sales process.


One thing to check is the value you offer at each step.

For example…

Your opt-in page, ever wonder why you don’t have a 100% opt-in rate if you offer a free download or whatever?

There’s a number of reasons…but have you checked the value you offer at this step?  Are you offering re-hashed garbage PLR as a download (in the “make money online” niche especially)?

Are you more concerned with selling this prospect on the next web page than offering them OUTSTANDING value upfront first and earning their trust?

Think about this.

It’s 2010 folks…and the Internet is changing.

The whole marketing and business atmosphere is changing.  If you don’t accept that change and alter your online business to conform to it…you’re gonna lose BIG time…period.

So go check your sales process, and inspect the value you’re offering at each step of that process.  Double the value you offer at each step…right now.

Don’t be a wimp…double the value at each step in your sales process.  You can figure it out.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - How much value do you add to your sales process?

Joseph Ratliff - How much value do you add to your sales process?

P.S.  Did you find the secret download link in this post?  Keep searching 🙂

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