All Is Not Fair In Internet Business

Or the 80/20 rule, and who you REALLY have to focus on to succeed… All the sales letters out there paint the “rosy” picture of the Internet marketing lifestyle, don’t they? I am sure that most everyone that reads this article has at one point or another “fallen” for the carefully crafted words of an […]

The Death Of “It’s Just Business”

There is a dangerous moniker floating around… “It’s just business”. You’ve used it, I’ve used it, but as of today, I’m going to quit using it. Why? Because I want my business to actually mean something to people.  I don’t want to be thought of or remembered as “a good __________ .” Instead, I want […]

It Isn’t About…

Folks, it isn’t about Twitter… It isn’t about Facebook, or Foursquare, or Digg.  It’s not about any one of those tools (which is all they are by the way). It’s about the entire Internet. Quit getting wrapped up in a single tool to build a presence or business online…which is like trying to use a […]