Just Getting By With The Minimum

A huge killer of internet businesses is the mentality behind doing “just enough” to get by… This mentality infects, like a virus, many facets of an effective online business or marketing campaign like: Customer service. Do you really go above and beyond for your customers and clients? The “free” mentality. Just doing “enough” paid marketing […]

Introducing Straight Line Internet Marketing™

This one goes out to all the small to medium sized businesses generating between $10 million and $200 million in annual revenue. In fact, this post is very specific to this group of businesses…because I’ve decided to offer consultation services to this group only, based around my new process called Straight Line Internet Marketing™. Onward… […]

One Trick For Developing Focus

Focus, yes, developing the habit of focus is a great habit to develop. For those that might suffer from lackoffocusitisosis… try this (it was one thing that helped me to develop the habit of focus) : 1) Pick up a book that’s not one of your favorites, but not a “sleeper” either, this book must […]