Just Getting By With The Minimum

A huge killer of internet businesses is the mentality behind doing “just enough” to get by…

This mentality infects, like a virus, many facets of an effective online business or marketing campaign like:

  • Customer service. Do you really go above and beyond for your customers and clients?
  • The “free” mentality. Just doing “enough” paid marketing to test…so you can move to the “free” marketing methods and save money.
  • Thinking about the content you deliver to the web for searchers to find. Outsourcing to the “cheapest” article writer?  Or do you want your content to actually mean something?
  • Thinking about “how little” to pay in employee expenditures and payroll. HUGE killer of any business here, folks, your business IS your employees and your customers…period.  Without them, you are doing this yourself, so why “just get by” here?
  • And on, and on…I’m sure you can think of a number of ways you’ve tried to find a shorter, cheaper, faster way of doing something “just to get by with the minimum”…I’m asking you to re-evaluate that thought process.

If you continue to think about how you can get by with the minimum…you’ll end up with the minimum business you’ve dreamed of. 😉

Time to think about how BIG you can go…and get by with the maximum…right?

Do this now.

Introducing Straight Line Internet Marketing™

This one goes out to all the small to medium sized businesses generating between $10 million and $200 million in annual revenue.

In fact, this post is very specific to this group of businesses…because I’ve decided to offer consultation services to this group only, based around my new process called Straight Line Internet Marketing™.


You’re making things too complicated.

Right now, I can almost guarantee you’re paying way too much to acquire customers. I’m guessing at least 25 – 50% more than you should.


You probably aren’t using the Internet as an acquisition tool, and if you are, probably not using it correctly (90% aren’t as an estimate).

Enter this new business marketing model created specifically for this segment, Straight Line Internet Marketing™.  (and yes, the fitting acronym, S.L.I.M.)

What’s the shortest distance between two points?  A straight line.

And that’s what the Straight Line Internet Marketing™ model is based on, it’s the shortest yet most effective path for your potential customer to get involved with and develop a relationship with your company.

So if you own  a small to medium sized business, and would like to hear more about the potential, send an email to joe (at) josephratliff (dot) com.

I will also be posting more on the model here on the blog.

One Trick For Developing Focus

Focus, yes, developing the habit of focus is a great habit to develop.

For those that might suffer from lackoffocusitisosis… try this (it was one thing that helped me to develop the habit of focus) :

1) Pick up a book that’s not one of your favorites, but not a “sleeper” either, this book must be 200 pages or more in length.

2) Read 10 pages a day, for 20 days straight (or until completed), no excuses, no reasons why you “can’t” do it etc… you must read your 10 pages a day.

3) Don’t read anything else on any one day, just your book. (That’s right, no blogs, forums, magazines, nothing else…we don’t want “shiny object syndrome” interfering).  Every time you deviate, you must start your book over again from the beginning (just like starting your business momentum over again when you lose focus).

4)  When you’ve completed reading the entire book, without distractions, it’s time to reward yourself…go out and buy something, have dinner out, etc… for completing your task.

If you can complete the above process (with no bullshit, trying to bend the rules, etc…)…you should have developed a habit of being able to focus on a task until completion by breaking a BIG task (akin to building a business) into smaller more easily attainable tasks.

Business building is by no means this simple, but by developing the habit of Focus, you’ll be well on your way to starting or increasing focus on your own business.

How A Good Copywriter Can Add Incredible Leverage To Your Business…

You work hard marketing your business, there’s no doubt.

But, do you truly see and capitalize on the most important opportunities for profit leverage when they arise?

Most business owners don’t.  They keep using one (maybe two) methods of marketing their business, never realizing the full opportunity for incredible profits that awaits.

Typical statements from these business owners sound like this:

“Oh, I get most of my business from referrals, I don’t need to market.”

“We’ve been running this one print ad for years, no need to change anything.”

And on, and on…

Do you relate to this?  It’s ok, you’re not alone.

Enter a good copywriter with a marketing mindset.

If you use one, like me for example, I will examine more than just the “one” project you assign me for…in fact, I will reveal some hidden marketing assets you have probably had sitting right under your nose for a long time.

Marketing assets, that when capitalized on, can bring almost immediate and substantial profits right to your bottom line.

In addition, I can help you test your marketing efforts, tweak, and then maximize the profits coming from these new streams of income.  All this, in addition to the “one” project you assigned me to do. 🙂

And, the best part is…no babysitting required.

So, after reading this, you really have one of 3 choices to make:

1)  Keep doing what you’re doing, justifying to yourself that you cannot afford a copywriter right now, or don’t need any help.

2)  Think about this post…and always wonder “What if?”

3)  Send an email to joe@josephratliff.com right now (or call 360-438-3632) and at the very least explore this option for profits right now.

Action takers, movers and shakers, and successful entrepreneurs will pick #3. 😉

See you at the top.

Do You Want This To Be Hard Or Something?

People are funny sometimes.

It’s almost like they want something to be hard to accomplish in order to validate the fact they are in an online marketing business (or any business for that matter, but I’ll keep it focused on marketing here).

Folks, this marketing business isn’t hard at all…but you can make it hard if you choose.


—> Trying to figure it all out beforehand. This is a big hot button for me, as it represents a large percentage of the questions newbies ask me boiled down to this one topic.

Folks, marketing online or offline cannot (and will not) be figured out before you take risk and attempt to start testing offers to make to a market…there are simply too many variables (copywriting, SEO, marketing, testing, PPC, etc… etc…) to try and figure out, not to mention each variable is WAY too deep.

If you’re trying to figure it all out beforehand, quit doing it and just try to execute something, and keep executing, using the data you get (even basic data) to figure out yourself how to make things better. If you don’t have the resources, find someone who does and partner with them.

—> You already know enough to get started. All the ebooks in the world will NOT, repeat NOT market a business for you. In fact, they can actually steer you off course if you’re not careful.

As grown ups, you already know enough (even if you’re young) to help a group of people solve a problem by marketing an offer of some type. But you have to develop one other thing…

—> You must have the fortitude to put yourself and your offers “out there.” You will make mistakes, you probably will make a type of mistake where you’ll look like a complete fool, so know that, get over it, and go make more mistakes. Eventually, you’ll fail less and less, and succeed more and more. No one said that marketing could be developed overnight, or everyone would do it successfully.

The concern about putting your offers out there in front of people who might give you a hard time needs to be put to rest. Everyone seeks acceptance, but you will not, repeat will not get it from everyone.

In fact, if you don’t reach the part of your market where someone complains in some manner, you aren’t marketing your offers effectively enough.

Quit trying to impress people, and get out there and make some dang offers!

Quit wanting this to be hard, it does take time to develop the skills, but it is all easy to do if you just start testing offers and driving then converting traffic (in other words, quit talking about it, and “researching it”, and start executing).