Can You Sell Ice To Eskimos?

The sad thing is…in this hyper-competitive world of business…to truly generate an income online…you have to be able to sell.

If you don’t like “sales”, your money is better spent in other places.


Some might disagree with me on this…but this is one topic where I will call them all wrong. If you truly want to be successful using the internet to market a product, infoproduct, or service…you have to understand sales (and marketing), and enjoy it as well.

Sorry to burst your bubble if you were reading one of those hyped up sales letters that say “no selling required.” That’s all boloney.

I mean…let’s just cut all the bull here…

I am writing this blog to make money…and doing quite well doing just that.

In return, I provide valuable content for internet marketer’s that use it to improve their businesses online. Heaven forbid I might make some dough as part of a business where I help people add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line, right?

Which leads me to the question I asked in the post title…

Can you sell ice to Eskimos?

Many people will answer this question with “No Joe, you’re a moron! Eskimos already live in areas that provide them with all the ice they need!”

You know I won’t accept that as an answer.

So, let’s analyze ice for a second…ice is frozen water right?

That’s where most marketers and salespeople would give up, assuming that’s the only selling point.

But if ice is coming from the ground, doesn’t it contain at least a small amount of contaminants?

Dirt, bacteria, plant stuff…etc…

So, how could we improve ice, then how can we improve the lives of Eskimos everywhere with that improved product?

Well, so that we don’t get into pages and pages of reading here…basically we could distill water, freeze it, and sell it to the Eskimos as “Clean Ice”, or “Safe Ice”…

But what about the benefits to the Eskimos?

* It’s safer to handle without all of the infections and bacteria present. This would increase productivity for Eskimos, because less of them would be sick…so more can work.

* It can create safe drinking water in emergencies. No longer will you have to boil the water.

* And on…and on…

So…now we can sell ice to Eskimos…right?

There is a way to sell most everything, so now you just have to get comfortable with sales.  And, a common misconception about selling is… “Joe, I don’t want to become one of those “car salesmen” and sound pushy and force people to buy stuff they don’t need etc…”

Then don’t.

Sales and selling ISN’T about being pushy and forcing people to buy stuff…in fact, that isn’t selling at all.

Sales is about identifying the market of people to sell something that they already want to buy, and showing them the features and benefits of that product or service.

If you’re forcing people to buy…you have the wrong market of buyers.

If you’re having to be pushy, you don’t have the proper benefits for people to buy your product or service. And in reference to information marketing…

It’s all about salesmanship in print. Period.

If you can’t write copy to sell in print…you will lose.

Well, that’s enough for today. This lesson will continue…so stay tuned.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Have a Happy Holiday...and SELL something, would ya?
Joseph Ratliff - Have a Happy Holiday...and SELL something, would ya?