Can You See Through The Online Clutter?

Sometimes, it is really hard to see an opportunity through all of the “clutter” out there.

What am I speaking of?

A mentality amongst entreprenuers online that there is too much competition out there to be profitable in this online niche/business/affiliate marketing opportunity etc…

Know what I say to that? Pfui.

You really can create a business, even when competition is at it’s highest.

Here is today’s lesson on how to “separate yourself from the crowd in a crowded market.”

Let’s use affiliate marketing as today’s example…

What usually happens when you sign up for an affiliate opportunity that is popular? Do you really think that affiliate opportunity, if it is a viable business, will be sold by anyone besides you?

Of course it will. Good affiliate opportunities seem to “catch on”, and be sold by everyone on the planet.


So what are you to do? Give up and let everyone else make all the money?

Here is a little secret…

Of the thousands of people that sign up for good affiliate opportunities…

75% of them are making hardly any money at all. That’s right, hardly any money at all.

Why is this?

Well, it lies in the reason many people sign up for affiliate opportunities in the first place. As human beings, we want an “easy” way to make money. In other words, we possess a greed gland.

So we sign up for the affiliate program, confirm the email, and make the crucial mistake that will put us in the 75% category…

We do what everyone else is doing to sell the affiliate program/product/service.

Wanna see through the online clutter?

Wanna join the top 25% of any affiliate program?

Here is the secret:

Add your personality to the materials in the affiliate program. Make the materials they provide your own. Make it seem like the offer came from you.

Even better…

Test graphics, copy, and email marketing…and really make the whole product seem your own.

In other words…do what others won’t do and get results that others can’t get.


Work at it. Separate yourself from all of the clutter.

So, how does this apply to business in general?

Even if you own an offline business, there is never too much competition. You just have to be creative, get off your butt, and do what other business owners won’t do to separate yourself from the crowd.