Can Forgetting Something Help Market Your Business?

Yep, it can.

I know, I know…you probably thinking “Huh?”

Please allow me to explain…

Have you ever been on a phone call or at a face to face meeting with a client, ended your conversation, and that was that?

All the time…right?

Not if you want to capitalize on the lesson in this post.

When you finish your next conversation on the telephone with a client of yours…hang up as usual. But don’t end your contact there.

Call them back, and say “Oops, I forgot something, we are having a special on/offering at a discounted rate for/extending a limited time offer on etc… this widget/service for our current clients only. Would you be interested?”

You would be surprised to find out how many take you up on the offer. Now, obviously, if hanging up and calling back doesn’t get the person you just spoke with…then you can still do the same thing in the same conversation. Just change the script to:

“Oops, before you go, I forgot something…” and continue with the same script.

In a face to face meeting, you do what Columbo (an old TV Detective) used to do very well.

Get up, and walk just outside the door, just before the door shuts behind you…walk back in. Then, use the first script above.

This little trick will pick up extra sales, which all businesses need in our current hyper – competitive business world. For you online folks…you can actually do the same thing with an exit pop up window. But that is for another post.

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, and Author
The Profitable Business Edge