Can Cold Calling Help Market Your Business?

It can. I think we all know that, but are afraid to cold – call other businesses because of an internal fear we have that we might be one of “those telemarketer” types. We do not want to be percieved as unprofessional…

Here is a fun little litmus test you can use to determine if you are one of those annoying telemarketers or not:

You Might Be An Annoying Telemarketer IF…

1) When someone clearly answers the phone “Joseph Ratliff” you reply “Can I speak to Joseph Ratliff?” Or even better…

2) When someone clearly answers the phone “Joseph Ratliff” you reply “Can I speak to Joseph uhhh…ummm…Rat – Cliff…Ratlift…Rat – liff?”

3) You call prospective clients during dinner or on weekends.

4) Your selling some consumer product like cellular service, home improvement, magazine subscriptions, cabinet refacing, home equity, etc…

5) You were selling something completely different last month, and next month you will be exploring another “new and challenging career direction.”

6) Your job involves reading a script (with all the enthusiasm of a county tax clerk) and getting people to part with their money right then and there.

7) You use law enforcement – affiliated organizations to give yourself credibility.

8) You call the same people over and over to see if they really hung up on you the first eight times.

9) You offer things like steak knives or collapsible luggage to get people to do business with you.

10) Your only job is the get people interested enough to turn them over to the next level of “shysters” er… “Sales Professionals”.

So, how did you do? No matches? Maybe you are not one of those annoying telemarketers after all. Maybe you can use the phone to offer a professional service to another professional business owner?

A majority of the litmus test above was reprinted with permission from Peter Bowerman on page 78 of his book “The Well – Fed Writer: Back For Seconds.” If you write commercial copy like I do… this book is an absolute must read. Click on the book below for more details..

Cold calling can help your business. Period. Get on the phones and make it happen!

Joseph Ratliff
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I hate to have to include this…but we have to get one more thing out of the way…

This post is for the Business to Business community primarily.

You must abide by the Do Not Call list, federal and local regulations for Business to Consumer businesses.

Please use this information at your own risk. User assumes all responsibility in utilizing the information given in this post. In either case (B2B or B2C), you should check with your local regulations before conducting a telemarketing campaign to be sure.