“Can Adding Convenience Help In Marketing Your Business?”

That’s right. Convenience.

Do you provide convenient access to your business in the first place?


Is the parking lot crowded? Website down? Entrance to your store blocked with piles of merchandise? Email addresses and faxes left unchecked?

You get the picture. And worse yet, these types of inconveniences are not given a second thought by business owners. “I can get around it, so my customers won’t mind.”

Ehhhh! Wrong answer.

You are losing business faster than you can imagine.

Have you heard of viral marketing?

Well, it works both ways. It can increase visibility for a business owner in a good way, allowing multiple exposures from one document, report, book, or other marketing piece being handed to others with the promise of cash rewards.


It can work in a negative way as well, where one person tells about 10 other people about the “website being down”, the stack of merchandise that makes it hard to enter a store or reduces shoppability. One tells ten others…will you check your email now and respond to my concern about your product?

Now it’s time for the advanced stuff…

This post is about adding convenience, not recovering it, in your business.

Do you offer added convenience?

Here are some ideas:

1) If you own a gym, could you get together with a dry cleaner shop owner and arrange for them to set up a satellite pick up/drop off location inside your gym? Gives you something to promote your business (a USP), and the dry cleaner simply gets more business.

2) Auto shop owners… could you get together with a reputable detail shop owner? The auto shop would offer a free professional detail (not just a car wash) with every repair over $100.00. The auto shop owner benefits from the unique service to offer customers (and how much is a customer worth to your auto business if you do it right?). The detail shop gives the auto shop owner a discount on services provided, and gets the added business.

3) Internet Marketers… Yep. You can take part in this too. Just watch your Joint Ventures a little more carefully, and make sure that everything being sold is related to the need being addressed, in one package. One person who has mastered this by himself is John Delavera, creator of the Turbo Membership.

Click on the link above to see how he has accomplished this by offering everything you need in one membership monthly due.

Do you get my point?

Find a related service and add convenience to your customer’s life in your business, and create unique opportunities for your business.

Separate yourself from what everyone else is doing.

Are you on the phone yet? When are you going to put this into action?

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