The Business Owner’s Triangle

Do you?

Or…like many business owners…

Do you feel like a slave to your business? Like you have the “self-employed job” that most owners have. That the business would not run without you there.

Would you like to change that?

I have created an opportunity based on sound business ownership concepts that I like to call…

The Business Owner’s Triangle™
1. Leadership Skills
2. Automated Business Systems and Processes
3. Team building/People Development

Let’s take a closer look at these one at a time shall we?

Leadership Skills – No, you can’t just point your finger and tell people what to do. People have to be in tune and committed to your vision, direction, and the results you wish to achieve with your business. Your not leading if nobody is following.

Plus, as your role in your business changes from “manager” to “owner” using my proven system…you will need to be an example for the leader within your company.

This leads me to the next part of the triangle…

Teambuilding/People Development – Do you think you have to “do it all?” You don’t, and I am going to show you why. I am also going to show you proven team – building skills that you can use to be able to most effectively leverage the efforts of your team.

During this part of our coaching sessions…I will be showing you how to train and develop your team to be self sufficient from the Manager all the way down to the janitorial staff.

Your business will practically run itself, as long as the next part of The Business Owner’s Triangleis in place…

Automated Business Systems and Processes – You simply cannot have a self – sufficient business without these. Every Fortune 500 company has automated their business processes as much as possible.

From sales processes, to operational processes, the more of your business that you can automate…the more that someone else can pick up that part of the business and succeed with it.

We will thoroughly analyze the main processes in your business…and work together to automate them so you can work on your true vision of the company.

Would you like to own your business, for real?

Does personal, one on one coaching over a period of 60 – 180 days sound interesting to you?

Contact me today if you’re interested in exploring this.