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Right now, we live in a world of “fast.” You can talk and text at the same time, and according to the TV commercial, that’s a good thing (it isn’t).

You have to eat faster, work longer hours, buy the latest car, the latest computer, the latest cell phone… because you might be “cool” if you do all these things… right?

And “not so cool” if you don’t. Come on, admit it… you go fast, and do all these things, get all these things etc… for status in our society.

That’s where we go wrong. Instead, we need to move slowly.

We need to be able to read past page 18 (on average) in a book, we need to slow down and appreciate nature, our resources, our already given riches.

We need to live with less stuff, and more enjoyment of each other. We need not to live life at a pace that gives us heart attacks, that takes our precious attention away from those we love.

And here are the big ones…

We need to slow down and pay attention to what is happening in the world, because those that live in the U.S. (like me) are about to have their country taken away from them by greedy politicians, bankers, and some insane wealthy people.

We need to slow down and think critically, because the future of the world will depend on it.

We need to slow down, and quit being lazy, hiding behind our monitors and simply “Tweeting this” and calling it good. The revolution won’t be tweeted… it needs personal interaction folks, so sitting in your armchair and pushing Tweet buttons won’t cut it (although it does help, a little).

We need to slow down.  And that is what “The Slow Manifesto” is all about… how to do just that.

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What Was I Writing About Again? The down to earth ramblings of a down to earth writer, thinker, and marketer (in the early stages, selecting essays to be included)

An essay collection from my former blog The Ratliff Report™ will feature some of the more in depth writing about various topics such as marketing, business, health, politics, criticism and more.

Obviously, I’m going to edit or add to these essays and sequence them for inclusion in a book.

Coming sometime in 2017.