The Book Has Been Available All Along…

I have done some slow thinking over the holidays.

This book has been an interesting effort to say the least.

Slowly, it has been written with the intent to provide a “jump start” of sorts for someone who might be introducing themselves to the slow lifestyle.

So I’m going to use this effort to experiment, to test some boundaries for myself.

I’m not going to publish it in any sort of entirety.

Instead, true to the mission behind writing it in the first place, it will remain a slowly evolving “book.” That is, it will never be completed in the traditional sense.

You are reading The Slow Manifesto right now, right here on this website.  You are free to keep reading it as long as I publish different parts of it.

The “Table of Contents” will always be located here.

Not in the traditional sense though. There will be no page numbers, no chapters, no footnotes etc…

There will only be one, slowly evolving work always focused in the general direction provided in the manifesto.

And you can read it for free via a RSS reader, and via email if you’re logged into WordPress (look in the bar at the top of your browser).

It will always be here for you to read.

No, it won’t be on Amazon … and it won’t appear on the shelf at your local Barnes and Noble.

It will be here, on this website, as an evolving online book … a project if you will.  I never intended it to sell in the mainstream.

My objective for this book was clarified even further as I ventured through 2014 and some personal challenges.

The mission behind this book was also strengthened.  In fact, I would strongly state that the consequences for holding to the “status quo” are even more dire.

But that’s only my opinion.

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to discover for yourself as you dive deeper into what “slow” means for you and your family.

Use this online book to start you on your journey, but realize that your journey will never be complete.  It is always beginning.


And I will leave it to you dear reader, to decide whether or not you will support my work.  You’ll see a Donation button in various places on this website.

Donate any amount you like, donate monthly if you would like (because this book will constantly be added to), or feel free to read without donation at all.

In any case, I appreciate the fact that you have read what I have written at all, thank you.

Start your journey at the Table of Contents…