Treat Every Day…

…as though it were your last.

We’ve all heard this before, but I’m wondering something…

In a society (the U.S. primarily) where shipping needs to be “yesterday”, where if our Internet connections go down we bitch and moan about it, and if we can’t text or use our smartphones while DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE…

Sure doesn’t seem like we’re doing a good job of treating every day as though it were our last, now does it?

Are our Internet connections, smartphones, faster shipping, and moving faster —Faster —– FASTER really more important than genuine connections with real people face to face?

Have you ever started a face to face conversation with someone, only to take a fucking phone call right in the middle of it?  (Sorry, I’ve got to take this…)

I hate to say this, but SHAME on you if you’ve done that.  The phone call couldn’t wait another 5 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour or more until you were finished talking to the person right in front of you?  Seriously?  Turn your phone off.

Oh, and before you start thinking that was a rant on the “youth” of this country… there are 40+ year olds doing exactly the same thing.

Here’s another one:

Texting each other while standing less than 100 feet from each other.  Really?

You can’t walk 100 feet (or less) over to the other person and TALK to them?  Are our gadgets so important to us that we’re sacrificing genuine human connection to use them?

Treat every day as though it was your last… because it just might be (and you know it’s true).

Plus we’re only on this planet for 75 or so trips around the sun IF we’re lucky… what are you doing with yours?

More on how the Internet started a revolution with both good and bad consequences in an upcoming essay entitled “The Internet Cesspool”.