The Ratliff Report™ Manifesto

This post was going to be originally created to describe why I blog, my guiding principles for business, and to express some distaste and some positive things about marketing using the Internet.

It’s very long, as I have a lot to say…so I’m typing this introduction to it…and releasing the full version later this year (probably over 75 pages etc…).

So without further ado…

People are the reason our businesses exist, yet it seems many business owners (both online and offline) don’t even acknowledge that people are the lifeblood of their businesses.  In fact, some even have even gone to great lengths to make sure they make the most profit with the least attention to the people who provide these business owners with an income.

I’ve seen it firsthand.

That trend needs to be reversed…now.

  • Business is, and always will be about people…period.

I’ve written it in numerous places and posts on this website, yet I continue to see an almost blatant negligence of the people (customers) who sustain businesses across the globe.  This is wrong.

Now before I start getting emails, this is not to say that all business owners are intentionally disregarding this fact, but the systems they have set up don’t provide enough of an atmosphere where customers are treated as the centerpiece of a particular business’ success.

Customers are not always right, as they are human…I’ll acknowledge that, but I’m here to tell you that even when they’re wrong…you had better set your business up to act as though they are right 100% of the time.

The future of your business depends on it.

While that may sound harsh, this is the age of social interaction, the age where anyone…at any time can publish anything they want on the web about your business (and quite frankly, you)…good or bad.

And sometimes, they can even elaborate where you don’t think they should…but once the wildfire of sharing begins…it won’t matter unless you step in the conversation and help to explain your side of the story.

Business is and always will be about people…period…end of story.

UPDATE:  I will be publishing this Manifesto as a free download soon (it’s just getting soooo long).  I will place the download in this post right here when complete, then link to this post from the upper right of the site.